env art videos roundup

by - 2012/08/17 15 Comments Artwork

Hi, I’ve been putting together more env-art videos during last weeks , here’s a round-up (2 already posted, 3 new : design, dirtmaps, mapping and stencils)

It’s again a mix of tutorial and diary : in part it’s explaining and telling how scripts and techniques work , in part just recording the process and how i organized my part.

Of course it’s not a full overview off the whole process/project: I stop at the stuff I actually dealt with,  other parts/assets share some techniques but are very different in others (like robot -with different use of dirtmaps , painting and box mapping – and church – for the different use of photo textures ),  and -about rendering- there’s the whole step of projection / matte painting between the materials I mention and the finished frames, then the aspect of integration with live footage and much more… there’s quite a few tutorials I’d have to see myself! after the rest of the team is done with the project :)


Crunch time!

by - 2012/08/16 14 Comments Production

Nobody is thinking of you – loyal blog reader – these days anymore! Well, a film has to be finished you know. With just 12 days left for our pre-premiere there’s only one thing people worry about – how to sleep at night avoiding Amsterdam mosquitos. :)

(L to R, T to B) Campbell, Myself, Sergey (hiding in “the cave”), view on our internal and new (!) external render farm renders, Kjartan, Jeremy, Ian (sporting a cool mo!), Sebastian, Andy, Francesco (Mohawk!), Rob and Roman.

Greeetings from everyone from a still relative cool Amsterdam. This weekend it’ll be 30+ here. :)

Mango Weekly 10.08.2012

by - 2012/08/10 18 Comments Production

It’s weekly time again!
Since Ton has been visiting Siggraph last week and hasn’t come back yet we are doing the weekly without our beloved boss. And in 2 weeks it’s already premiere! OMG!

Just three more weeks to go!

by - 2012/08/06 18 Comments Compositing

Time is flying like crazy, and we only have 3 more weeks to go until pre-premiere.
So we do a little bit of time-travel and go back 1 week in time when we have a whopping 4 weeks left until premiere and do some interviews and random stuff to give you some impressions from the studio.

And now it really is crunchtime!

Pre-premiere & wrap-up party: 28 August, De Balie

by - 2012/08/01 23 Comments Artwork, Production

Tuesday evening 28 August at 20:30h we’ll do a first official screening of Tears of Steel in De Balie in Amsterdam. This pre-premiere is for invited guests and (DVD) sponsors only! After the screenings (we’ll show it a couple of times) there will be a wrap-up party with the entire crew in De Balie cafe, to enjoy the past 7 months of work here and to say goodbye to Roman, Jeremy, Kjartan, Sergey, Campbell and Nicolo. Four artists – Ian, Sebastian, Andy and Francesco – will be staying during September to prepare the film for the official premiere (online) and the master the DVDs. The online premiere data is not known yet.

If you want to join us this evening; just send me an email with your DVD order number, you then will be added to the guest list. A sponsor can bring 1 guest, but let me know please. :) We have 150 seats, so don’t wait too long.

ton at blender.org