Weekly – August 3

by - 2012/08/05 16 Comments Weekly meeting

Roughly 3 (Three!) weeks left! Unfortunately we weren’t able to stream the last weekly, but here is the usual random selection from the weekly folder. Also, this week Thomas Dinges and Campbell interviewed the entire team for the Blender Podcast, which will hopefully be online soon!

  1. captainkirk says:

    Everything looks good. How easy is it to rotoscope shots like the one in the first image?

    • andy says:

      this one isnt rotoscoped at all. it’s actually a full 3D projection that Sebastian set up for a crazy transformation shot.

  2. Armando says:

    The shadow of the box to the right is wrong in pic 07_1g_000099.

  3. The Twins says:

    The laser in the first picture doesn’t look right…

  4. Manuel says:

    Looks very very great, really got a characteristic feel to it.
    One issue though, at the top there seems to be a rather big problem with the Depth of Field.

    Three weeks guys, you can do it! :)

  5. stephen says:

    The shot labelled ‘robo_grafiti2’ looks a bit flat, plus the design of the robot seems to have changed. The smoke sim for the spray can looks great though.

    Keep it up guys, good work as always

  6. Looking good guys! I cant wait to see the movie! :)

  7. Olaf says:

    Looks good, but few of the CGI shots give me the ‘wow, is that real or CG?’ exhilaration.

    • andy says:

      It’s probably not going to be this type of movie,

      • The Twins says:

        I had a lot of those moments… until I found out that much of it WAS live action. I still like it though… but gooseberry should be 99.99% Blender.

        • Blendiac says:

          Uhh… Blender’s first ever full length film, and you expect them to make 99.99% of it quality, hand animated CGI? I don’t think so… at least not if they want to get it done in under 5 years…

          • Manuel L says:

            What do you think then?
            They do it life action? No way you can pay that with dvd sponsoring or anything. Life action has incredibly high costs, power, crew, actors, equipment, studio, catering.
            And for a feature that would be over weeks/months.
            So the only real solution is doing it CGI, the style decides though how long it’ll take after all.
            I doubt they go for photorealism, probably more into a pixar-ish direction, which i personally would love.

  8. Marc O. Chouinard says:

    You can’t compare with big studio budget for a movie. I feel that VFX is a new game for a lot of the people who work on this project. But what I’ve seen is ok so far (From what we seen to far, I feel something wrong with the inside of the cathedral). But what this will bring is a new benchmark to beat… It hard to mix CGI and real-life… Sometime the action isn’t what you hoped on film, but in a low budget/time limitation like this, you stuck with it. It will take some more time for more people to play with VFX in blender. Though, we haven’t seen the final result, so we don’t know what to expect ;) I’m sure either way I’ll enjoy it.