Mango Weekly 17.08.2012

by - 2012/08/17 10 Comments Weekly meeting

Weekly meeting streaming live from Google Hangout on Air!

  1. graham williams uk says:

    Could you tell me how you are lighting your scenes in this film, thanks. graham.
    Damn good work?art your all creating, so good to see some behind the scenes footage
    which never gets recorded on usual films, it can be as interesting as watching the film itself!.

  2. stephen says:

    There’s no visuals, only a white screen :-/

  3. AlekB says:

    I can’t see anything the video is all white.

  4. graham williams uk says:

    Have you been drinking?

  5. graham williams uk says:

    perhaps you should leave the film with some mystery to it even if a few people dont fully understand the concept. the film aquires depth that way, dont you think?.
    thanks graham

  6. Blendiac says:

    For all the people asking about “the white screen” – Google Hangouts screwed up. If you fast forward to 15:12 you see an error screen from Google.

    I’ve suggested this before, I’ll suggest it again… FORGET / Ustream / Google Hangouts. Just:

    1. Plug in the webcam to the the box hooked up to the projector.
    2. Run Kazam screen recorder (yes, it’s GPL) and in most repos.
    3. Select the webcam for audio in the dropdown.
    4. Upload to YouTube when done.

    Bingo. Instantly you have perfect quality video and we still get to hear all the commentary, too.

    Please don’t make us sit through appalling quality, buggy screencasts again next week unnecessarily.

  7. postrock says:

    Why do they always laugh at the moment in wich he dresses the “arm gun”?
    I dont see anything hilarious, but at each new weekly they laugh at that moment..just curious, I dont get it..

  8. freakygeez says:

    Do I see mango juice boxes?

  9. blendercomp says:

    I’m still trying to pick my jaw off the floor after seeing the demo of the new sequencer features that Sergey demonstrated!!!

    Two questions to Sergay/Ton/anybody on the Mango team who has a clue:
    #1. I built tomato branch this morning but can’t seem to find these features. Have they not been ported to tomato yet?
    #2. when are these planned for integration into trunk?