Weekly – August 17

by - 2012/08/18 36 Comments Weekly meeting

Time’s not working for us (too fast), nor is the outside temperature (32C today)… so render power is very low now.Nevertheless, a lot of progress has been made, with the last gaps in the film being filled in. One more week to go! Here’s the usual random picks from the weekly presentation folders.


Weekly – July 27

by - 2012/07/28 12 Comments Artwork, Weekly meeting

Yesterday’s weekly meeting we had visitors from Chile, USA and Germany! Always great to get fresh feedback on your work… they all confirmed they were absorbed with what goes on at the screen – even with unfinished greenscreen shots and without (good) sound.

Below the usual random selection of past week’s work:


Weekly – July 13

by - 2012/07/16 17 Comments Weekly meeting

All attention went to the teaser and new website, but we also had a weekly again! Here’s interesting files I copied for you here!

Animated by Jeremy, cleaning/render/composite by Sebastian:

Weekly – July 6

by - 2012/07/08 15 Comments Artwork, Weekly meeting

Here’s some picks of last friday’s weekly. Ian’s already having fun with playing with color spaces and tonemaps. “Film shit” he calls it!

(Actor credits: Jody Bhe, Derek de Lint, Vanja Rukavina, Sergio Hasselbaink, Rogier Schippers)

Weekly – June 30

by - 2012/06/30 7 Comments Weekly meeting

And here’s again a random pick from this week’s presentation of progress :) Explanations about what’s what, and why and how should be posted in separate blog posts. The main quest currently is design style vs realism – efficiently using composition, detail levels, light, color and dynamic ranges to make things look photo real – and not CG. Really tough stuff. :)