Weekly – August 10

by - 2012/08/12 11 Comments Production

Two Weeks to go!! We are going craaazy!

Again, some random picks from last week’s weekly folder.

  1. 3pointedit says:

    Wow, your quality is really improving. Great work everyone. It seems your are working harder without Ton around to offer advice?! Great to see Sergey’s work pumping out of the film too. But big thanks to everyone for their effort.

  2. Nick P says:

    Can’t wait! So close!

  3. Juan david says:

    Wow, esta genial yo los sigo por facebook , tweet y google esto es lo mejor felicitaciones y me pregunto si prodrian hacer un juego como este para android tendria 6 estrellas gracias espero su respuesta

  4. Daniel Wray says:

    Last image seems the epitome of the shot from hell.

  5. DigiDio says:

    Well done Job. See that all the quality is rising to pro limits. This must be good at they end and on your own status.
    Big thanks to you all love the flow of it.

  6. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    Looks great BUT … (o. m. g.)
    Please make a littel Tutorial on how do you replase the hand

    It look increadelel good

  7. Bred says:

    hmm at the first church image the pillars have no ivy, but in the second one they have. Is this an accident?

  8. Manuel L says:

    For the pillar textures:
    Move the UV for each pillar a little if possible, its too obvious at the moment that they are exact copies.

    Cant wait for it :D
    Online premiere will be in October? So much more waiting… argh XD

  9. ThoFei says:

    Really great stuff incoming. Even if I’m slightly disappointed by the few blog-posts, I appreciate them anyway.

    You have so much work to do, so gogogo, keep it coming.

    @ian: I’m really impressed by your energy … working on so many projects at one time.