All DVDs shipped

by - 2012/10/19 47 Comments Production

Right after the conference, Anja’s been very busy packing and sorting all pre-order DVDs for Tears of Steel. Here’s a picture of a proud Anja just before it all got picked up!

Soundtrack files released

by - 2012/10/17 19 Comments Production

Composer Joram Letwory sent me the original soundtrack files. You can now download these via our brand new download page (see above) or just click on this link. The files have been released as CC-by-nd, which is quite common for music. It means you can use it freely, also commercially, but you cannot disassemble or remix it.

Added note from Joram:

I partly used commercial sample libraries for the Tears Of Steel music and sound. Because of that we published the soundtrack as a CC-by-nd. This covers the limitation of some of the commercial libraries that their sounds may not be used in new samples (even if they are layered with original samples). However, I would of course very much like it if the soundtrack were to be remixed. So, if you do want to cut up the music (for any reason), please send me a personal message and I’ll give you permission in writing including the restrictions and conditions to cover the previously stated limitations.

Viewer-Node Control Script

by - 2012/10/09 15 Comments Production

Here’s a short demo of one of the scripts that you can find on the DVD in the Mango SVN scripts folder. It’s called

It’s a small utility to make navigating huge node-trees a bit easier, and we had a lot of those.
All the time while I was working with these huge node setups I thought that I would love to be able to define certain checkpoints in the node-tree to be able to quickly connect the viewer node to them to check out the result without having to zoom and scroll like crazy. Also jumping to the last node or comparing the result before and after some nodes was something that I always wanted to have. Continue

Production update – the days after

by - 2012/10/03 12 Comments Production

  • Everyone’s back home, so it’s a bit silent :)
  • The DVD box is being replicated now. Ships monday to our e-shop storage… but might only arrive wednesday, just in time for the conference. We might ship wednesday still, or the week after.
  • Yep, in a little over a week the Blender Conference starts – meet with Ian, Francesco, Nicolo, Rob, Andy, Kjartan, Sergey, Sebastian, Brecht, Joram, myself, and the one I always forget!
  • Visitors at the conference can pick up their DVD orders!
  • Youtube hit the 500k views in less than 6 days! We get 98% positive response. :)
  • We enjoyed the huge response – ranging from serious reviews, honest compliments,  fanboy cheering to the traditional armchair crits – this film is going to be remembered.
  • Psst pssst: interest from serious producers too; Ian’s having interesting emails already!
  • 3DWorld will cover ToS in the november issue.
  • Today: Blender 2.64 release! Check :)
  • Soon: a download page on this site with subtitle files, more encoded versions, sound files, and so on.

That’s it folks. Back to work!