Blender Podcast Team Interview

by - 2012/08/08 5 Comments Production

Last week Thomas Dinges of, came to visit and interview the team.
Along with our own Campbell, they asked us about our thoughts on the project and how we feel about it with only a few weeks to go.

Blender Podcast – Episode 19

  1. arrrharrr says:

    Quite interesting – miss the video weeklys though …

  2. Big Fan says:

    Nice podcast, thanks for doing it in the midst of everything else going on.
    What about another with Ton about how this movie has been from his perspective as Producer and Developers Campbell, Sergey, Keir and Brecht on technical accomplishments.
    You might sqeeze in the Composer too and also support persons not mentioned previously…. ;)

  3. harrrarrr says:

    BTW – I really like the concept to make the whole production process so open. Besides the entertaining aspekt it is also very informative. Next time I would like to see a more “Reality TV” approach? So we could see some more of the daily drama between the people involved. :)

    • StoneSplash says:

      I really like your “Reality TV” idea! We should also be able to vote for our favorite artist to decide which one leaves the team every week. I can already see it happening right before my eyes!

      • Man-Go says:

        > I really like your “Reality TV” idea!

        I really hope that Blender-Foundation, Ton will NOT fall into it!