Blender Conference Secrets

by - 2011/10/31 21 Comments Artwork

A lot of you have been asking: what, exactly is going down at the 2011 Blender Conference?

Well. Let me tell you.

Secrets. Super Secrets. So Secretive I can’t actually tell you.

Here’s a picture of Ton showing all the best secrets.


That should clear THAT up!

Production update

by - 2011/10/15 21 Comments Production

Cool stuff is going on still! :)

Michael Williamson, concept art / story board artist

I’m really happy we found a concept artist to help out Ian Hubert in the concept development phase and during story-boarding later on. Michael has a great portfolio and lots of industry experience. He will working online with Ian now, and can come over for several weeks to help shaping the final storyboards before we start with the full 3D team (for animatic, pre-viz).

Some sample artwork

Joris Kerbosch, Director of Photography

Joris can bring in a lot of experience for us, having done commercial work and completing his 2nd major feature film just last month. We already had two meetings with Joris, he’s enthusiastic and a great match with Ian! Pending further production details and scheduling he’s very interested to join the project as DP. Continue

Project Mango kick-off

by - 2011/10/01 125 Comments Production

Ian in Amsterdam

Project Mango is going to happen for real! Little is known still now, but that only makes it more exciting :). A summary of what we do know now:

  • Ian Hubert – Project London fame – is going to be director-writer.
  • Short film of 3 to 5 minutes with as theme “Sci-fi in Amsterdam”
  • We’re going to explore and improve the Open Source VFX pipeline with Blender.

Ian is in Amsterdam now, for a week’s visit to explore the city and figure out what’s “Dutch” really (or how to avoid it). In the coming month he’s scheduled to get a concept and a preliminary script drafted even.