Compositing Breakdown Video

by - 2012/11/03 5 Comments Compositing

One of the many features you can find on our DVD is an extensive 9 minute (!) VFX breakdown video. It was edited by Pablo Vazquez and shows some of the most stunning shots of Tears of Steel! A huge thanks goes to Joram who gave me his Ok to mangle his soundtrack.


timelapse: cleaning background plate (WIP)

by - 2012/07/10 18 Comments Compositing

for a wide angle shot we needed a clean plate that’s going to be mixed with holographic effects of Amsterdam. unfortunately there was no clean plate shot, that’s why we had to clean it up by hand in gimp. for the scale to look more correct, a lamp had to be removed. also the shadows had to match the footage shot on that day and people on boats and in the street had to be erased.

this is a timelapse recorded during the photo touchup process. there’re still some obvious mistakes, but since this is only the base of the background for that particular shot I hope they will not draw any attention.


Andy shares his screen and does compositing stuff

by - 2012/07/02 10 Comments Compositing


Today I’m going to work on more shorts from the inside of the command center. Mostly set extensions and integrating the Captain, Thom and Ghengis into the CG environment. I decided to share my screen for today and let everyone look over my digital shoulder. I’ll try to keep it entertaining, but since I’ll be rendering, sometimes things can go slow :)

edit: I’m sorry, it looks like this turned out a typical monday, with lots of off-screen discussions, so I had to stop the screen sharing. I will resume this experiment at another point in time probably.

edit2: Scroll down for tuesday!


Old and new shiny things

by - 2012/06/07 25 Comments Artwork

Hello Mango!

border rendering in viewport

My first week was focused on getting familiar with the production pipeline and structure. I also worked on lighting the amazing dome environment. Starting out a bit slow at first, thanks to a few great additions to Cycles by Brecht things were picking up speed! Spot lights were added to Cycles: and thanks to border rendering in Camera View we can now quickly render portions of our viewport at a higher sample rate.

Further, I started working on the holographic bubble of science-ness: