Tears of Steel – download & watch

by - 2012/09/26 187 Comments Production

It’s out! Watch it on youtube now, or download it later… links to downloads will appear in this post once mirrors have been synced. Torrents will also appear. Have fun! :) We’re happy!

Download mirrors, all files:
Kino3d.org – Italy      NLUUG – Netherlands     RWTH-Aachen – Germany    University Bayreuth – Germany    Arcagenis – France

Download all original PNG files at xiph.org   and here are the stereo and 5.1 AIFF soundtracks.

Update: the first .webm version (full open source encoded images.sound) is available. Much better quality than the .mkv files!
Download the 1080p .webm as a torrent.

At BlenderArtists is a project to review or submit new subtitles.

Tears of Steel DVD promo

by - 2012/09/26 11 Comments Production

We’ve all been working hard- but Pablo has been working harder! Check out this promo he made (with a killer music track from Joram Letwory, from the soon-to-be-released Tears of Steel!)

DVD sales are really what keep the lifesblood of the Blender Foundation/Institute pumping, and we’ve packed this one full of insane bonus material. Check it out in the video below!

See you in a couple hours!

Press release – premiere

by - 2012/09/24 36 Comments Production

I’m very proud to announce the premiere of our 4th short film – Tears of Steel.  The online release will be on this website, around 17h UTC, this Wednesday 26 September.
A theatrical premiere will be friday evening in Los Angeles – hosted by ASIFA-Hollywood.

As a result of this crowdfunded project, Blender now covers a full pipeline for vfx artists – starting with camera tracking and roto, all the way to color grading. An official release of Blender is expected early October.

You can download the complete press release here.

Or get the  full press kit, including press release and high resolution graphics. (250 MB).

I would appreciate it if you would give our project attention on your website or in your magazine. Please tell your users that we still sell the DVD box! We still have bills to pay, and there’s a lot of work on Blender to do as always!

Best regards,


Last minute timelapse: The Captain’s eyepatch

by - 2012/09/23 28 Comments Production

One of the very last minute changes to our was to add some extensions to the Captain’s eyepatch. This happened the 2 weeks after  the pre-premiere of Tears of Steel. The original eyepatch just felt a little bit naked. I mean, after all it’s just a disassembled webcam with red LED, taped to a metal strip. So we thought that maybe we could enhance that a bit.

Kjartan modeled a small but very effective extension, and Ian created a holographic text overlay, which goes really well with the other holographic elements in the movie. All in all there were 16 shots where you see the captain’s face, there was quite a bit to track and composite. Luckily lots of these shots are quite similar so a lot of the lighting and composite setups could be copied over.


Two pages in Parool – #1 Amsterdam newspaper

by - 2012/09/22 23 Comments Production

Last week I was interviewed by a very enthusiastic reporter from Parool (weekend edition with 300,000 readers). Today we’re on the front page and a double spread with a lot of backgrounds of the film and Blender.

In the text review I had to tone down the reporter’s enthusiasm a bit, but well – you know, press likes to make things a bit bigger! :) It’s a well written article, fun to read… and good to reach out to so many people here in the city.


Film Poster

by - 2012/09/21 34 Comments Production

Download here a half-res one (1350×2000 pixels – 5MB .png). The full size .svg with clean background render will be in the DVD box for our fans!

Tears of Steel

Quadsplit preview

by - 2012/09/19 20 Comments Production

This is a preview of a quadsplit version (storyboard, animatic, footage, final version) of the whole short film that will be available on the Tears of Steel DVD. Enjoy!

Tears of Steel – Hollywood premiere

by - 2012/09/19 11 Comments Production

ASIFA-Hollywood – the society of animation studios, including Pixar, Dreamworks, Weta, and so on – will organize and host a special screening event with three of our movie shorts – including the official premiere of Tears of Steel. We’re very proud! After the screening, the audience will participate in a Q&A session with Ian Hubert (via Skype).

Click on the image to the right to read the full invitation. Or check the official announcement.

Special thanks to Arno Kroner for helping to get this realized.

Next week friday, don’t miss this – if you’re in LA!

Tears of Steel costumes exhibit

by - 2012/09/12 8 Comments Artwork

The renowned Gallery of Contemporary Art W139 has invited fashion and costume designer Pablo Londono Sarria to exhibit his work for Tears of Steel. He will show his costumes, movie frame prints, and a collection of the props for the film.

The gallery is located very close to the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam – the location where our film takes place – in the middle of the Red Light district! Title of the exhibit is “Warriors at the Edge of Time”. The exhibit opens friday 14 September at 1600h.


edit: updated with some pics from the actual exhibition!