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  1. paul cottle says:

    excellent you guys know you kick the crap out of everything out there right now.
    I am a certified telecommunication engineer with a passion for sci=fi and sincerely would love an opportunity to get involved with you’re organization.
    keep up the great work.

    Paul Cottle

  2. Will says:

    * your

    nice movie guys!

  3. Joe Z says:

    The graphics were incredible. Fluid animation, lighting in-sync with the world — I found myself continuously forgetting that I was watching a showcase of blender’s capabilities and thinking that it was a proper film or television show.

    The writing though… Definitely could use some work. A lot of work. The other Blender Foundation shorts were instant classics, but this one suffered from awkward pacing, stiff dialogue, and trite memes.

  4. thomas says:

    definitely a breakthrough in blender graphics but horribly lacking in story . cg and live action are blended flawlessly , but unfortunately it is kinda hard to tell what’s going on e.g. I did nod realize that the robot that Thom is talking to is Celia until near the end . but the graphics are again flawless I think that the “blender sucks ” crowd have nothing left to complain about . I give it a 75%

  5. Vector says:

    I think its great! Camera, sound, Blender, actors and everything else… Veeery good job…

  6. Noel Forte says:

    Pretty awesome to see what can be done with open source software.

  7. Kamran says:

    awesome graphics and shows what blender is capable of (not taking anythign away from the artists who used blender)… BUT.. did not like the story at all…

  8. Carlos Hernandez says:

    Awesome work, but the story is horrible.

  9. Carson says:

    Critics seem to hate this movie, but I don’t see a single reason why.

  10. Another amazing piece produced in Blender. I’m impressed by the way that Blender and those that use it can continue to amaze me. I’m also glad to see that using Blender for special effects work is being furthered, since that is a huge market that is difficult to do well.

  11. Arun Vashist says:


    You guys did a great job, amazing graphics and VFX. However story is bit complex to understand, but as this movie was to prove the capabilities of blender 3d, you guys did the same fantastically.

    All the best.

  12. Orestes says:

    Hi,I just wrote some Greek Subs, where can I upload them??

  13. Orestes says:

    Sorry I just saw the comment about the Swedish subs..
    Here is a link for Greek:

  14. Great film. Fantastic story. Combination of real footage and VFX is amazing! After two previous films Big Buck bunny and Sintel I was sure that this one will also be a great success! I wish this could have been a feature film.

  15. brezal says:

    Where are the SVGs and PNGs used for textures?

  16. Solomon St. John says:

    is there a isolated vocal track, so I could build the sound from the ground up? I’m doing science fiction sound design for my senior thesis and want to practice using creative commons films.

  17. lowgravity says:

    why dont you make a real 1h30 movie ? with the same amount of 3d (no more 3d work) but all along the movie

  18. Alex says:

    Hello together,

    does the Tears of Steel DVD set also contain the project files for blender (and not only the video footage)?

    Regards Alex

  19. Matias says:

    Outstanding work! Stunning idea and very hard work! I’m a newbie in Blender stuff, so hope someday achieve that stratospheric level! Hugs from Argentina!

  20. tovstonos says:

    Here is a ukrainian subtitles (українські субтитри)

  21. Fabricio says:

    o_O.. great.. i love this!

    MORE.. MORE.. MORE..


  22. Arvin says:

    Nice graphics. Hard to tell what’s going on though. Also they need to fix the giant robot animations and properly account for inertia; right now the robots look heavy but they don’t move like it which kind of makes it unrealistic. Overall nice short.

  23. jonathan shiundu says:

    thank you dude for making my dream come true

  24. iggy says:

    that’s pure art.. great great great!

  25. marcelo says:

    soy nuevo en blender y trato de aprender mas cada vez, es un trabajo sorprendente el realizado en esta pelicula, ojala yo pueda llegar a aprender una fraccion de lo realizado aqui, me fascina blender

  26. Christian says:

    I second the request for an isolated dialogue track – that would make SFX redesign projects easier!

  27. Mark says:

    Another fabulous production from the Blender Institute – proving what Blender is capable of.

  28. Gary says:

    Guys well done amazing job, only wish I had the skills you do!

  29. videe says:

    Excuse me, I’m doing the sound design of the sci-fi movies as I graduate design.Would you film dubbing tracks available for download?thx

  30. Ngash Ervo says:

    nice movie guys. awesome environment and visual effects!!!

  31. Praveen Mahesh says:

    Please give Torrent Links for this Movie and etc.
    We don’t have high speed internet connection.

  32. Saravanan T S says:

    Great movie. I think it would be good to seed the raw images on torrent as well. Also, I am looking for 4K movie in YUV format that might be already cut, rendered without me having to go through the time consuming process again.
    Please help me if there are raw frames available in RGB/YUV format.
    Note on the movie is that the story writing could have been a bit better; but I still think it is a great achievement.

  33. Joel says:

    need more explotions

  34. Solomon St. John says:

    “@Solomon St. John and Christian: You get the vocal track if you subtract the “soundtrack for dubbing” from the original soundtrack, but of course it would be easier and cleaner if we had it directly. I would even prefer if we could have the different actors in different tracks.” I’m not sure what you mean subtract? also the soundtrack for dubbing isn’t available yet?

  35. Benjamin says:

    I think sintel was far better simply because it had more feeling. this one had all the cool robotics but almost no emotion. I also think it was confusing compared to sintel and big buck bunny. I did not understand the plot the first time through

  36. Sam says:

    We are all longing for a full lenght movie ! Good job anyway :-)

  37. Fabian says:

    Hey Guys,

    I don’t know if the comments will be still read, but a music forum wants to do a soundtrack contest.
    Of course it would be possible to just mute the video, but it would be so cool, if we could have the SFX only audio layer!

    I’m hoping, that you will read it.



    ps. I really enjoyed the movie!

  38. Nachi says:

    Where can I download 1920×1080 version. All of the above claiming 1080p were 1920×800

  39. Link to 4K DCP 4096 x 2160 (14 GB, Digital Cinema Package) is wrong!!

    Should be

  40. Fabrizio says:

    Hi guys, really impressive work.
    Are you planning to make the CG passes .exrs available for download, by any chance?
    Cheers :)

  41. Jimmy says:

    I think it’s an awesome piece of work!

    Thanks for making this free and open!

  42. Tom says:

    Great job everyone! For some reason, frame 311.png has a large white block where the scene didn’t render properly. We use this movie to do video encoder testing, and so do many other encoder developers. We really appreciate having access to such high quality material under the Creative Commons license. Thanks again!

  43. Aris says:

    what is the different between TOS first version and new version ?

  44. Erik says:

    I went to but how do I download an entire folder? It seems that I can only download one frame at a time. I wanted to take a look at the raw footage that was filmed.

  45. alguien tiene instrucciones para convertir el archivo “tearsofsteel-4k.y4m” que está dentro de “tearsofsteel-4k.y4m.xz” ??

    He buscado en internet, y hablan de un programa llamado “ffmpeg” y he visto las instrucciones, pero no me queda claro porque tengo que decirle en qué formato, dimensiones, etc. está…

    No podríais dar instrucciones claras para que podamos usar el footage de una manera facil?


  46. someone has instructions to convert the “tearsofsteel-4k.y4m” file which is inside “tearsofsteel-4k.y4m.xz”?

    I searched the internet, and talk about a program called “ffmpeg” and I’ve seen the instructions, but I’m not clear because I have to tell you in what format, size, etc.. is …

    You could not give clear instructions so that we can use the footage in an easy way?

    Thank you!