Crunch time!

by - 2012/08/16 14 Comments Production

Nobody is thinking of you – loyal blog reader – these days anymore! Well, a film has to be finished you know. With just 12 days left for our pre-premiere there’s only one thing people worry about – how to sleep at night avoiding Amsterdam mosquitos. :)

(L to R, T to B) Campbell, Myself, Sergey (hiding in “the cave”), view on our internal and new (!) external render farm renders, Kjartan, Jeremy, Ian (sporting a cool mo!), Sebastian, Andy, Francesco (Mohawk!), Rob and Roman.

Greeetings from everyone from a still relative cool Amsterdam. This weekend it’ll be 30+ here. :)

  1. …man, the project is already drawing to a close. Is it just me or did it fly by this time ’round?

    Good luck to you all! I’m sure it’ll look seriously awesome :D

    • Socceroos says:

      I absolutely agree. This one has happened so quickly. I’d put it down to two things, personally:

      1) Ton and team have become far more proficient and experienced with projects of this magnitude.

      2) I’m getting older. And we all know that as you get older, time speeds up.

  2. blendercomp says:

    Hey folks, bear up! :)

    Side note: what’s with the new external farm renders? Don’t recall an update on this.

    • ton says:

      We have supporters at DELL, giving us remote access for a while to a rack of systems in Amsterdam. A blogpost will follow. :-)

  3. Cessen says:

    Ian! You have a mustache!

  4. Baul says:

    That picture of Francesco somehow reminds me of Woody Woodpecker :D

  5. Andreas says:

    i hope there will be a cool making of als well. if so, how many hours are recorded for the making of / documentary ??

  6. grafixsuz2 says:

    Where is Brecht hiding these days?

  7. Big Fan says:

    Ian has a very glazed look. I think his eyebrows got bored and are in the process of moving to a less paralysed part of his face. Just kidding!
    Home stretch now. Soon everyone has a holiday.. :)