Core team

Ian Hubert – director/writer

Ian learned filmmaking by making films. In the 4th grade, he adopted an old Japanese camcorder and started playing with CG effects and movies. By the time he reached high school, he was making a feature-length film every year. The well known series SBFP he shot with friend Steve Bylsma. After he graduated from high school he started working on a script for a no-budget sci-fi feature film Project London in 2007. Pre-production and production lasted only a few short months, but finishing the 650 visual effects shots has taken a couple of years, 24 or so different volunteers, and much love from the Blender community.


Ton Roosendaal – Producer

Ton’s experience with 3D started in the ’90s, making animation for video and product presentations. During that period he also developed Blender, which became open source in 2002. Since then he works as Blender Foundation chairman to coordinate the projects, and for Blender Institute as producer for short film projects like Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny and Sintel.

For Mango he is responsible for all organizational and financial tasks, and ensure the project targets are met.


Joris Kerbosch, Director of Photography

Joris can bring in a lot of experience for us, having done commercial work and completing his 2nd major feature film just last month (New Kids Nitro). We already had two meetings with Joris, he’s enthusiastic and a great match with Ian! Pending further production details and scheduling he’s very interested to join the project as DP.

David Revoy, Concept Art (France)

David has a great professional history as freelance concept artist, art director and illustrator for many studios and publishers – including for Blender’s previous short film “Sintel”. He’s a very proficient CG artist, using open source drawing programs (Krita, MyPaint) as well as Blender for his work. His epic style will help defining how Mango will look a lot!


Jeremy Davidson – 3D animator/rigger

Jeremy is a proficient rigger/animator, with a wealth of experience in animation projects for advertising, tv-series and short film. He was also one of the lead animators working on Sintel in Amsterdam. For Mango he will be the main character rigger and help out designing the action scenes. His love for crazy robots will him make him a great match for Ian!


Sebastian Koenig – 3D artist/Matchmover

Sebastian is an all-round Blender artist and trainer, with a special interest in matching 3D with real-live footage. He has been (and still is) closely involved with the Blender video match-moving and camera tracking project, amazing everyone with high quality examples and demos. For Mango he will especially keep track of our 3D+film pipeline and ensure we have the best motion-tracked footage possible!


Francesco Siddi – 3D artist/animator

Francesco has been creating 3D images and animations for almost 5 years. His experience ranges from 3D scan data visualization to character animation (being the one he is most interested in). He has worked as a freelance 3D generalist in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.


Kjartan Tysdal, 3D artist

Kjartan is a self-taught CG-artist who has been learning and working with 3d-graphics since he was 16. He loves to do personal projects whenever he can, and is very focused on mastering both the technical and artistic challenges of making CG. The last few years he’s worked as a 3d-generalist for a small Norwegian studio.


Nicolò Zubbini

Nicolò is specialized in modelling architectural environments.
He has studied architecture (bachelor degree) and worked in archviz for 4 years, plus 3 years of game env. artist. He models and textures all kinds of hard surface/environment models : vehicles , mechanical , with a passion for anything sci-fi , especially retro-future designs.
In last 3 years he has dedicated most of his learning time to texture paint using tablet and photo sources.

Roman Volodin, 3D artist/animator

Roman has a lot of experience in the CG industry. He worked several years as a cg-generalist in the postproduction for film and television. Later he studied 3D animation, because animation is his main passion.
Now Roman is working as a freelancer 3d character animator and dreams to study old-school 2d animation. Also he acting in a small theatre in their spare time.


Andy Goralczyk, 3d rendering/lighting artist

Andy is still busy finishing Omega, and after that will do his graduation project at the University of Karlsruhe. Luckily our project planning includes the summer holidays, so he’s available for us to make Mango look totally awesome in the June-August period.


Rob Tuytel, production assistant, modeler

We met Rob last year after the Sintel premiere. He then amazed us with excellent quality Blender graphics of 17th century Holland. He’s not even studying art, but film production at the Amsterdam Film Academy. Rob will be working for Mango as an internship, helping to organize everything related to the filming itself first and later on as modeler and 3d artist.

Joram Letwory, Music and Sound

We were already following Joram’s work a couple of years – yes he’s the brother of Blender developer Nathan “Jesterking” Letwory – and we’ve always been impressed with this work. More over, he’s not only a great composer and sound designer but even doing film and hiphop & dance clips! For Mango he will take care of all music and sound design work, and of course in Creative Commons!


At this moment we are still filling in the development positions for people to come over to help for Mango. Currently we’ll get at least the help from:

  • Brecht van Lommel; lead Cycles render engine development
  • Sergey Sharybin: camera/motion tracking, general development support
  • Campbell Barton; general development support
  • Keir Meirle; libmv, camera/motion tracking development



Derek de Lint

Sergio Hasselbaink

Vanja Rukavina and
Denise Rebergen

Rogier Schippers

Chris Haley
Jody Bhe


  1. Tungee says:

    What an impressive squad!!
    It would be damn nice,
    if Mikah could/would also join the development team……

    Also dont forget Ratsikioatis(psy-Fy)….

  2. Loved all the open source movies from elephants dream to Sintel, tried to encourage my diploma students to submit for the mango project but they are not feeling ready oh well maybe in the future projects. I await with excitment to what is produced by Mango yay!

  3. Raphel Fraser says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m loving (especially) the 3D artwork on this one. I’m a young (23yr old) continuously-aspiring graphic artist with a passion for expressing my creativity. So far, I’ve only just began to step into the world of 3D animation, but I can’t seem to keep away from it. I’ve been introduced to video production, editing and graphic designing about 4 years now, only using Adobe CS3 Master Collection and Ulead Cool 3D.
    Since my country (Guyana, South America) is only now beginning to aquire expertise in the 3D world, the only way someone like me can get ahead in graphic art is if you’ve got a really good friend with the world of knowledge or get your own shovel and dig for the answers yourself and hope that you hit GOLD…well, this is me digging…in your yard…praying for lady luck to jump up and take me home with her!
    Please get back to me if you get my plee. Once again, nicw work guys.

    • Xavier says:

      If anyone here likes sci-fi, and can make 3D art, click my name, and head over to the join page. I’m building an open-source sci-fi adventure game, and many of the artists use open workflows.

    • GrearOne says:

      You’re from Guyana?! Cool, I just spent the last two years down there and I learned a lot from my experience. I think you are the first person from there that I know of who is into computer animation. I’m new to it too and am loving it. If you want to, message me at [email protected]

      • rg says:

        Just a friendly tip: Don’t post your e-mail address like that on open websites if you don’t want to get spam mails. :)

  4. Juan Guzzy says:

    The expected production is in your hands, congratulations! As good artists, producers and technicians that you are, I know we will have a great product soon to enjoy. Much success to the team of Mango!

    Long life to Blender spirit!

  5. DigiDio says:

    Yes what a day Christmas and my preorder. La la la la feels good to this day to buy. This project is amazing. Don’t know where it will end. Go for it guys. ps cycles is also great for rendering. What a quality render do I have.

  6. Amazing Team!, i also read you were interested in any kind of Open Source Projects, you should consider Jahshaka 3.0 release. Amazing Video Effect Software

    • LswaN says:

      Wow, I hadn’t heard that Jahshaka was getting a reboot, thanks for spreading the news around!

  7. I’m very excited to see what comes out of this team! We’ve been tossing around all your open movies at my school showing just how great a job Blender (and its artists) at successfully creating inspiring visual footage. I have a feeling that this open source project will soon show the world that open source is the right way to create software. Passion creates great work, and if you are doing this as an open source project, then there must be a great amount of passion! I’m ready for mango!

  8. Gare Cline says:

    I like Blender, I like that you are doing this project, but the director’s reel is weak. What I mean is that cinematic syntax doesn’t match the high quality of the VFX. Have you considered using 3D storyboards as opposed to animated previs? A good previs board man can help strengthen the director’s shortcoming with regards to the live action scenes. How much live-action experience does Mr. Williamson have?

  9. Kristopher says:

    Good team, but I’m curious who your production team is on this project? After all, you’re not making an animation on this one, you’re making a live action film with VFX. That’s a completely different workflow, particularly when capturing the live action footage and plates, etc. I see you have a director and a DP, but do you have a line producer? A production manager? Location scout? AD? Etc? Who’s your production designer (and not just for the concept shots, but for the live action sets)? Your VFX supervisor? On your timeline, it shows that you’re expecting to shoot in just 3 months from now? You ought to have a production team in place and working like crazy on pre-production by now.

  10. Sévérino, says:




    Now i love the work on tne video tracking, or the Mango: Digital Makeup, i just want to see your awesome Movie !!! ;-)

    AND I LOVE THE 2.5-2.6 BLENDER BRANCH !!! ;-)
    I ask me if blender is the TERMINATOR-3D-software… !!!??? ;-)) i think… it’s TOO gOOd !!! (for all people who don’t have a lot of money… … !!!!)

    ALL MANGO-TEAM, I WISH YOU A GOOD YEAR AND A GOOD MANGO-TIME (another T. denomination… hihihi !)

    Very good T. R. (Ton Roosendaal, TerminatoR) !!! ;-)

    Sévérino, Too Happy for the futur … !!! ;-)))

  11. I did not find any pages where I could contact the team so I’ll do it here, expect you see.

    although I’m not a microsoft fan I think these videos can inspire you:

    These videos are interesting because it depicts a future where simplicity is very important …
    I think you can do something spectacular and yet be simple and do a great job without overloading the telesperctador with information.

    PS:Sorry the bad english… i’m a portuguese speaker

  12. URDUJA says:

    on your next open project, we are willing to contribute for a soundtrack :)

  13. illwieckz says:

    why David Revoy [] is quoted on the DVD pre-order page [] as “concept artist” and not here ?

  14. fernando chagas says:

    I am a great admirer of the productions of the Blender Institute. I watched all the shorts produced and I am looking forward to the Mango Project, including advance purchase I made up my DVD to include my name in the credits. Thanks.

  15. nils says:

    hey mango team,
    i’m looking forward what you do. i found somthing inspiring on the web and thought it would be nice to see something like this clip from annis naeem in project mango.

    i don’t know whether you decided on the music yet, my personal opinion is, that electronic music like amon tobin or the score from the movie moon work really nice for a scifi. thanks that you do this project.

  16. I am no longer sure the place you’re getting your info, however great topic. I needs to spend some time studying more or figuring out more. Thank you for excellent information I used to be looking for this info for my mission.

  17. Harmony says:

    Team work is so cool, always expect the best when a team of professionals headed by ton works on a project. The mango project will be awsome

  18. German says:

    What about the filmcrew? Who is assisting and stuff like that?

  19. Sridhar says:

    I am very impressed with Big Buck Bunny peach movie developed using blender and started learning the tool from there on….

    All the best for mango team.. soon looking to make some products out of blender….

  20. ton says:

    Hrm. I only now see that this page allows comments! That wasn’t expected… how to disable it… ehh :)

  21. Turi says:

    Hey Mango Team, I wrote a set of scripts that might help you with the project:
    Good luck with Mango!
    Do you guys know that mango is one of the few fruits with the same name all around the globe?

  22. Forseti says:

    great artists

    btw Joris Kerbosch looks like Chuck Norris in that photo

  23. lak says:

    falta una mujer, machismo
    las mujeres tambien pueden

  24. wewe says:


  25. andi says:

    Who are the actors in this movie?

  26. manuel says:

    hello sorry i need to say you Ton:
    please add a new page “COMPUTER/OS” (what are hardwares to use for team mango?)
    1- computer details: cpu, gpu, ram, motherboard, monitors.
    2- what is operating system to use for team mango?

    sorry i wanted to contact with you but i dont found your email or email of team mango… so i find here a comment post ok? thank you

  27. ton says:

    We posted an hardware overview on the blog, check the history.

  28. Marc says:

    I’m a freelance audio engineer / mix engineer from London and I would be honored to so the sound design / audio mixing for this project. Who should I get in touch with?

  29. Mowgly Schwarzwildhirsch says:

    what configuration computer your used in render?

  30. Marcos Alves says:

    Hi guys! I didn’t found a contact form so I’m sending this message by this way. I’m Marcos Alves, musician(bassist and composer from Brazil) and I’ve composed some soundtracks and published on All the tracks of my album called “It’s Wonderful” are avaliable on Jamendo web site for free listening. I ever wanted to see my music being played on a movie, and I’m here offering my tracks(all registered by Creative Commons License and certified by Safe Creative) for free if you want to use it as BGM. If you don’t have the soundtracks for this project yet or you have and feel interested for some of my tracks or all, go ahead! You can use it. Just place my name on the credits. I don’t know if you received other proposals like this but I’m not kidding. Just click on the following link and you’ll see my tracks:

    And also you will help me so much to promote my job.
    Independent of yes or no I’m waiting for your reply.
    Thanks and greetings from Brazil!

    • ton says:

      We already have someone for music & sound edit. I’ll add his info here on the blog soon.

  31. Andrej Pintar says:

    Nice team. Nicely done. I luv 3d.

  32. Андрій says:

    Україна з вами друзі!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ranjith Siji says:

    Wow Real Fantastic Team. Waiting for the movie. Congratz all.

  34. David says:

    Wow Nice team.
    My name is David tavares, im animator

    I would love to be part of the project if necessary at some point more people.