Mango Synopsis

by - 2011/12/31 46 Comments Directing & writing, Production

Let’s celebrate the end of 2011 with a synopsis!

“When Thom decides he’d rather be awesome in space than keep dating roboticist Celia, he never imagined he was planting the seeds of Earth’s destruction. Twenty years after this tumultuous romance he has to go back to the Amsterdam scene of his breakup with Celia to save the world. But are a high-powered robotic disguise and a time traveling battle fleet enough to fix a broken heart?”

So we do, in fact, already have a script! For a month or so, actually. As always, it’s impossible to know how much of it will make it through to the final film, but it’s a good start! I was looking at David’s concept art the other day thinking, “If we make a film that looks as good as this, I’ll be more than happy.” But man- after the whole team puts 6 months of work and imagination into it? This thing is going to be even more incredible. The best thing about this project is going to be all the layers of ideas; it’s already happening.


DVD pre-sale started; help us and get a film credit!

by - 2011/12/23 20 Comments Production

During a Christmas period is always good moment to challenge your generosity! Here’s the opportunity again to show your commitment to Blender, to support open source development and improve our VFX pipeline, to help realizing a spectacular open film and – last but not least – to get a film credit again!

Order the DVD here!

After you order and pay, the credit then is also visible here on the website.

New concept art, by David Revoy!

by - 2011/12/23 29 Comments Artwork, Production

With Mike Williamson under huge pressure to finish work for his client, we managed to find David Revoy to help on producing concept art again! That’s been a big step forward for us. Ian really could use a visualizer to go over the script, and I wanted enough material ready to present a good application for the Netherlands Film Fund again.

Mango concept art


The Mango artist line-up!

by - 2011/12/11 19 Comments Production

Here’s the four people added to the Mango team!

For the full period:

Each three months:

We also have a handful of artists on the waiting list. If funding goes well… :)

Mugshots, reel updates and short bios will be added to the website soon!


Mango gallery

by - 2011/12/02 16 Comments Artwork

To show our own progress and your enthusiastic artwork contributions, we’ve added a “Gallery” section on this website now. It’s one of my first jobs on Mango (as production assistant) to manage this section!

Future Koningsplein

Are you inspired by our project? Just post a link here or mail it me directly (rob at The best ones will be added on our website then!

Major thanks to all of you for the contributions of your great artwork and please keep up the good work!

Rob Tuytel.

Submission period closed!

by - 2011/12/01 8 Comments Production

Hi all,

Thanks for all the great portfolios :) Haven’t counted them precisely yet – Sebastian will make a nice spreadsheet – but it’s over 110 submissions I think.

For everyone who sent in an application, you should have had an email from me to confirm it. If you didn’t, send me a reminder! We will try to get the final answers for candidates in a week… will be tough again!

Procedure: we will select people who get invited immediate, and people who will be put on a waiting list… we cannot fully predict yet how much time people are available, how much they’re needed, and how much work and time we are going to spend on Mango in general.

More news: Ian has been producing several crazy insane cool concepts (including robotic Anne Franks). His last proposal seems to have beaten all previous ones though… when I read it I felt like a rabbit caught in headlights. It’s tough stuff to picture yet, needs to be broken down and analyzed well. Now… should I tell more? Nah. ;)