Pre-premiere & wrap-up party: 28 August, De Balie

by - 2012/08/01 23 Comments Artwork, Production

Tuesday evening 28 August at 20:30h we’ll do a first official screening of Tears of Steel in De Balie in Amsterdam. This pre-premiere is for invited guests and (DVD) sponsors only! After the screenings (we’ll show it a couple of times) there will be a wrap-up party with the entire crew in De Balie cafe, to enjoy the past 7 months of work here and to say goodbye to Roman, Jeremy, Kjartan, Sergey, Campbell and Nicolo. Four artists – Ian, Sebastian, Andy and Francesco – will be staying during September to prepare the film for the official premiere (online) and the master the DVDs. The online premiere data is not known yet.

If you want to join us this evening; just send me an email with your DVD order number, you then will be added to the guest list. A sponsor can bring 1 guest, but let me know please. :) We have 150 seats, so don’t wait too long.

ton at

  1. AlekB says:

    Is the premier going to be a local deal or will there be a limited online release that is password protected, for those who bought the DVD?

  2. ton says:

    The online premiere will be open, for everyone!

  3. Manson Mamaril says:

    the face grab…

    his face lacks shadows and ambient occlusion… the “fingers” still feels floating…

    • ton says:

      It’s a test render. We can only post work in progress if there’s actual progress to show. Right? :)

  4. Manson Mamaril says:

    oh and yeah… please on your next project… create an Open Game Project! I really want to explore the capabilities and potentials of the Blender Game Engine! :D

    • Blendiac says:

      I desperately want to see another open game project too (that just goes with the BGE right from the start). That said, I understand that doing a full length live feature would be an important milestone for Blender and so would understand waiting until after Goosberry.

      That said, if for any reason you guys felt that Goosberry wasn’t feasible for the next open movie project (like not enough studios wanting to take part or something), a game project would be amazing.

      While the BGE has limitations, so did Blender’s live action features pre-mango/GSoC (eg no motion tracking). The largest challenge of the BGE has just been the small number of skilled artists who have time to really push it’s limits.

      • The Twins says:

        Let’s have an Open Game Project within the next 10 years please.

        I doubt you want to take this one but we were thinking of making a game called Battlecubes using the GE. I don’t know though. Battlecubes is on our plate for 2013.

        Even better would be to pick up Yo Frankie and make a better version. My brother and I are already doing it but it would be good if BI did it instead.

      • ton says:

        I realize that the GE needs love and time. But I hope we can get such projects getting adopted by studios better… game makers are the best owners of that code. The Android game player project for example… great showcase to attract dev power.

        • mike pan says:

          I wonder how feasible it is to organize an independent, crowd-funded, Open Game. I myself would be all for it.

        • Rio says:

          I foresee an Android/Ouya project coming up ;)

          Would love to come and take a look btw but you know, deadlines and stuff.

  5. J. says:

    Why is it at De Balie this time instead of Studio/K?
    Can you play DCPs at De Balie or do you have to play it from a laptop on a video projector?

  6. a bag load of Awesomeness

  7. Dani says:


    Great progress, the face grab is looking a lot better now!

    Good job!

  8. Tycho says:

    So sad but i cant : just three days after and it was fine…
    @ton is it nominative or can give my place and my guest to someone ?

  9. Xraygunner says:

    *Sigh* Someday…

  10. Mirata says:

    Just bought my copy and sent an email to see if there’s still place left at the premiere – Really hope so, since Amsterdam is just one train away from where I live (Haarlem 8-))

    Nevertheless looking forward to the online premiere, ofcourse! :)

  11. The Twins says:

    Picture 2: organized chaos.