Weekly – July 13

by - 2012/07/16 17 Comments Weekly meeting

All attention went to the teaser and new website, but we also had a weekly again! Here’s interesting files I copied for you here!

Animated by Jeremy, cleaning/render/composite by Sebastian:


by - 2012/07/11 12 Comments Production

Very cool to see the crew doing dailies now (not every day but alas… :). Doing art crits and reviews is a great added value of being in one studio together.

The Dome!

by - 2012/07/09 24 Comments Artwork

Dome view on bridge with captured robot. Central set in our movie. Dome environment by Nicoló, Robot by Kjartan and Matte rendering by Andy.

Weekly – July 6

by - 2012/07/08 15 Comments Artwork, Weekly meeting

Here’s some picks of last friday’s weekly. Ian’s already having fun with playing with color spaces and tonemaps. “Film shit” he calls it!

(Actor credits: Jody Bhe, Derek de Lint, Vanja Rukavina, Sergio Hasselbaink, Rogier Schippers)

Blender Inside Out – for experienced 3D artists

by - 2012/06/30 9 Comments Production, Random

Here’s the latest in our Creative Commons dvd training series: “Blender Inside Out”. I’ve asked Jonathan Williamson from cgcookie.com – they have experience with other 3d tools – to make a cool collection of videos for experienced 3D artists; to explain Blender for them by using metaphors and methods they know.

The DVDs will get printed around July 10th, and get shipped to you before August. As usual – profits on our dvd bizz goes to supporting open movie projects like Mango! And as a bonus this time; it will allow us to do a bigger presentation at Siggraph – spreading free copies of this DVD to the audience as well!

Help us, order one now (or two!). Thanks!

Weekly – June 30

by - 2012/06/30 7 Comments Weekly meeting

And here’s again a random pick from this week’s presentation of progress :) Explanations about what’s what, and why and how should be posted in separate blog posts. The main quest currently is design style vs realism – efficiently using composition, detail levels, light, color and dynamic ranges to make things look photo real – and not CG. Really tough stuff. :)

xiph.org: F65 RAW, Linear EXR, cleaned, and finals!

by - 2012/06/21 28 Comments Artwork, Development, Production

I’m very happy that our friends at xiph.org have agreed on hosting all of the files we’re producing now and in the next months. In total we expect to have 2 TB of material;

  • RAW files from the Sony F65 camera (4k)
  • Linear OpenEXR files in Rec709 gamut (4k, half float), converted from the Linear OpenEXR ACES gamut files as is output from the Sony F65 player/converter software (closed sw).
  • Cleaned OpenEXR files with alpha (4k)
  • Final renders in OpenEXR – before grading (HD 1920 x 800)
  • Final graded files, in OpenEXR, PNG, etc (HD 1920 x 800)

Here’s already the RAW and OpenEXR from two shots in the film (60 GB)! Everything will be released (entirely!) after the film went to premiere. The files then can also be used to complete the DVDs we’ll make for our sponsors; that way they can fully recreate the pipeline with originals!


Weekly – June 15

by - 2012/06/16 30 Comments Weekly meeting

Here’s my random pick of this week’s weekly presentation. Good progress, we’re having our first shots final… but oh dear, so many details to solve yet! :)