Weekly – June 15

by - 2012/06/16 30 Comments Weekly meeting

Here’s my random pick of this week’s weekly presentation. Good progress, we’re having our first shots final… but oh dear, so many details to solve yet! :)

  1. ctdabomb says:

    that scientist scene looks a lot different with it composited in o_O.
    nice work!

  2. MyName says:

    Is that Nyancat and a giant p*nis (part Amsterdammertje) on the flying boat? :P

    Looks great!

  3. Daniel Wray says:

    Looking incredible!

    Very impressive work from the team, it’s amazing to see how much progress has been made :)

  4. 3pointedit says:

    Do all scientists wear 3D glasses in the future? Is the bokeh blur on the gunner shot to hard to get a soft edge key from?

    Great looking renders, Cycles is killing it!

  5. Rogério Perdiz says:

    Where would be the fun if there weren’t the many details to solve… awesome work!

  6. ton says:

    Hrm; I suddenly see a color theme in the images… blue-grey, yellow-brown. That’s suspicious!


  7. These blog posts are great, and they’re definitely getting more and more amazing as the movie production continues on.

  8. Michael S. says:

    This will be one of the greatest open source movies to date!!! Keep up the good work =]

  9. Payton says:

    What keyer are you guys using? Channel key or what?

    • roman says:

      We are using all possible keyers =P
      And of course Sergey’s brandnew keying node. It’s really awesome!

      • Payton says:

        Yea, the new keyer is awesome. Are you guys finding it adequate? Or are you guys going to have to make a new, better keyer?

      • 3pointedit says:

        While I love the new keyer, I find that it has trouble with peak whites in foreground image. That is after using screen sample (blue) I still have less density in a white area (on actors shirt). After clipping I loose edges too :(

        Do you guys experience these (color value) saturation issues too?

  10. Kirado says:

    Looking good guys. Can you comp out the candle next to the sniper character by cloning another of the balustrade pillars? Looks a bit odd.

    • Pascal says:

      yeah the candle definitely doesn’t fit in..

    • Matt says:

      Artistically, I like the candle. Realistically, I’m not sure a sniper would have a candle sitting right next to him because it would reveal his position. That would eliminate nearly all the advantages to being a sniper…

      On the other hand, you could just call it an outpost, and then the candle doesn’t bother me ;-)

    • Kirado says:

      Yeah the way the exposure of the candle changes between camera long shot and the close-up looks inconsistent, makes it stick out a bit and draws your focus away from the character, which is why I suggested removing it, but I understand they only have so much time to get things working ;-) Maybe just tone down the colour cast of it by desaturating that yellow a tad in the long shot so it matches the colour in the close up.

  11. Nick P says:

    YAY! NYAN CAT!!!

  12. pb says:

    Loving how the CGI elements are seamlessly blending in with the live action (especially the scientist gun). Just have see it all in motion now to complete the illusion!

    By the way, there’s a bug in Chrome where the all the YouTube videos overlap the enlarged thumbnail images (uses the FancyBox plug-in). The problem doesn’t occur in Firefox so may not have been noticed.

    To fix, simply append “&wmode=transparent” to the YouTube URLs. I tested the fix out on this page with the Chrome Dev tools and it solved the problem.

  13. stephen says:

    You chaps rock! Also, the blender build bot seems to be broken for mac os… :(

  14. Tycho says:

    Hi that is really good work :) I notice the hat seem of the scientist to be cut by a mask ! I also hope that sergey can implement the foreground extraction node.

  15. Peter Houlihan says:

    Partyboat! I want one!

    I’m loving the neon signs on the foredeck.

  16. Brian says:

    This looks fantastic! This is the reason I used blender for my senior project.

  17. basse says:


    very delighted to see this symbol added here too. this time, not even very much covered..

    good times.