Weekly – June 30

by - 2012/06/30 7 Comments Weekly meeting

And here’s again a random pick from this week’s presentation of progress :) Explanations about what’s what, and why and how should be posted in separate blog posts. The main quest currently is design style vs realism – efficiently using composition, detail levels, light, color and dynamic ranges to make things look photo real – and not CG. Really tough stuff. :)

  1. Chuckie says:


    What’s the big “drat” in the 3rd picture for?

  2. Manuel says:

    Hmm my guess would have been it should be the letters from the “I Am-sterdam” sculpture, but therefore the colors need to be the other way round…
    Great results so far :)

  3. ton says:

    Manuel: you’re good! :)

    (That’s a silly mistake from us, will get corrected :)

  4. Daniel Wray says:

    A few things which I have noticed in several images which combine renders from Cycles, is that there are often areas of aliasing in spots that are blown out, or nearly clipping, also objects that are quite small (A few pixels wide) appear to have some bad aliasing, and some of the textures really are quite low-resolution / quality – The columns in the above image (with the big text) is a good example, no shadow / highlight detailing (bump mapping / normal mapping), low-resolution etcetera.

    I know it only takes up a small percentage of the frame but it’s things like that which a lot of people will critique and complain about. I also know it is a very hard balancing act between pushing things a little further, and getting more work out, but hopefully some of the issues will be resolved before the film is signed off! :)

  5. Frank-Man says:

    Very good work guys!
    besondere grüsse an S.König

  6. Payton says:

    I have noticed in the newer builds a node that lets you take a tracks x and y, and use that to translate an image. While this is awesome, will there be improvements to it for planar tracking? So like it affects the x,y,rotation, and scale of an image using a planar track?

  7. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    Gread progress…
    is ther an chance thad ther is a littel Tutorial on the DVD about howe you are abel to make this wonderfull masks????

    Sebastian said in last weeks meeting thad he trackt the Head of the Eye patched Boss Maybe it is the Time to use Sebastion CG makepu to give him a realy bade scare on his lost eye???