Blender Inside Out – for experienced 3D artists

by - 2012/06/30 9 Comments Production, Random

Here’s the latest in our Creative Commons dvd training series: “Blender Inside Out”. I’ve asked Jonathan Williamson from – they have experience with other 3d tools – to make a cool collection of videos for experienced 3D artists; to explain Blender for them by using metaphors and methods they know.

The DVDs will get printed around July 10th, and get shipped to you before August. As usual – profits on our dvd bizz goes to supporting open movie projects like Mango! And as a bonus this time; it will allow us to do a bigger presentation at Siggraph – spreading free copies of this DVD to the audience as well!

Help us, order one now (or two!). Thanks!

  1. Manson says:

    Make an Open Game Project!!! :D

  2. Tycho says:

    I m not sure to really see what’s this dvd is ? Is it just a dvd that help the transition for the competent maya/houdini/max/vue/zbrush artists to blender or is it also usefull for blender newbies/skilled-but-not-pro user ?

  3. ton says:

    The concept is that it explains Blender, assuming you already know how 3d software and 3d in general works. That makes it focused on the way how Blender works.

    So: Blender newbies with a background in 3d or other 3d programs will benefit a lot from these training videos. People who are new to 3d in general not really.

  4. The Twins says:

    The ad looks very slick.
    Is it the same with the DVD?

  5. Hassan Yola says:

    Thank one more time for the efforts you do and you think about evry days you wake up you are more than awesome …

  6. The Twins says:

    Happy Canada Day!

  7. Pyjaman says:

    This training seems really interesting, but is there a downloadable version? I don’t use DVD drives anymore.

  8. chotio says:

    Otherone to the collection!

    I NEED to buy the original DVD Orange Project, do you want to sell it to me, please? XD

    I love this DVD’s beacuse it is a good work ever and if you buy it you will invest on the institute productions.