Weekly – July 6

by - 2012/07/08 15 Comments Artwork, Weekly meeting

Here’s some picks of last friday’s weekly. Ian’s already having fun with playing with color spaces and tonemaps. “Film shit” he calls it!

(Actor credits: Jody Bhe, Derek de Lint, Vanja Rukavina, Sergio Hasselbaink, Rogier Schippers)

  1. mr_projects says:

    Good job guys, I noticed a slight issue with the rope on the left picture below, it seems that it has edge artifacts (black edge on the left of the rope) resulting from the alpha

  2. Manuel says:

    Just wondering, for the backwall of the building (the kerk->dome office thing) i think it is much to thin, maybe its just me.
    i dont know whether it’d be worth the effort to make the wall feel more solid (maybe its supposed to feel thin?) http://mango.blender.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/through_door2.jpg

  3. D says:

    These images are incredemously awetastic! How about a video clip? :D And when’s the trailer?

  4. Ohili says:

    picture called human.png is a visual goergousness!
    but I discovered something… :D


  5. Wray Bowling says:

    The only thing missing is a hit pop song! http://youtu.be/yA9WhYnsD_4

  6. Frederick Desimpel says:

    Wow, the Amsterdam city model is looking good! Will there be a walktrough on the DVD on the workflow used to model a city block like that… ?

  7. John Fraser says:

    It is kinda dawning on me here that I think the robot eyes need to have depth. Even if they are JUST flat light-emitting surfaces, they really think should still change colour and intensity depending on what other light is being shone on them. I am of the intense personal conviction that they should have a gloss at the very least—look like they’re made out of some layered material or something. Right now they kinda seem like simple holes into an abstract, matte grey world.

    I understand this is a WIP, though—so I could be missing something that’s already been addressed

  8. Ben Dansie says:

    Looking great, but I have to agree that human.png really is something else. :)

    Could easily be a still out of District 9. Awesomeness!

  9. Eastfist says:

    robot.png’s lighting is awesome. But I can’t help but wonder if that’s suppose to look like metal or paper mache? The sharpness in the actor’s leather jacket sleeve has more contrast than the seams in the robot. Man, you guys are really getting good! I can’t wait to see it in motion.

  10. joeri says:

    Dr L de Jong… lol.

  11. Lyle Walsh says:

    Its probably too late to fix but the structure of the brain looks nothing like a real brain. Those folds and valleys are very important and always in the same place and configuration. Even a mouse brain is built along the same structure as a human brain. Look at a reference.

    eg: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xOlTiVUQIEk/Tbma2kaPl8I/AAAAAAAABxg/46VWb9X3rYg/s1600/brain2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://memory-guides.blogspot.com/2011/07/human-brain.html&h=406&w=500&sz=147&tbnid=kqzWGRrrXqwB8M:&tbnh=87&tbnw=107&zoom=1&usg=__UibNmc0wnjtTo6MyclzSMFVRBlI=&docid=4qnFYg3yLjYFDM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=w_oBUIDJGaS46QH4usXvBg&ved=0CG0Q9QEwDQ&dur=10465

    Unfortunately this ruins things for anyone with a biology or medical background. For comparison, it is on the level of showing a futuristic computer with a floppy drive.