Popular use of Open Movies: tradeshows!

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Hi everyone,

It was time for the annual IBC Conference in Amsterdam. It’s the largest Broadcasting/TV show outside of NAB Las Vegas. Always very cool to walk around and see some new development. I’ve been staring at an 8K tv showing Olympics footage… amazing.

Another fun thing to do at IBC is to spot our movies! This is a great example that illustrates the need for free and open content. It’s just a sample, in the 3 hours I was at the (only parts of the) tradeshow I saw many more. (The pics at QT and Fraunhofer show Sintel too, but not well visible).

Vanja Rukavina visit

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The young star playing Thom – Vanja Rukavina – was away last week on a film shoot, so he could not attend our pre-premiere event. Today he dropped by to catch up with us, and  to get amazed by the work we’ve done sofar. He totally loved it! :)

We then took time to show making-of shots. That was amazing for me too. Illustrating how to get from a final shot  to the clumsy original shots… so impressive to clearly see what an amazing job everyone’s been doing here in the past months! All of that goes online soon, promised!


Pre-premiere & party!

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Hi all,

The day after – hangover day for the people with bad habits (like me). It’s been a blast! The film screening was great – last minute grading was surprisingly good, even while watching it on a regular projector (the DCP failed). We had a wonderful participative audience, laughing and cheering for us. Can’t have it better! After the film we had a load of fun with the film team, the actors, the blenderheads & fans, and of course the entire Mango crew! Oh, and I only had 1 complaint about the script sofar! We’re improving :)

I’ve had so much fun that I only took very few pictures… during dinner and at 2 AM when I left a nightclub. (Excuse me; I had to be up early to bring Roman to the airport! We’ll post more impressions of the premiere here soon.

(Image1:During dinner, Ian with his cool tee, Scott and Joram in back. Image2: Sebastian and Heike on the dance floor. Image3: Ian, Scott, Sebastian, Heike… Nicolo + gf should be hiding somewhere too. :)


Weekly – August 17

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Time’s not working for us (too fast), nor is the outside temperature (32C today)… so render power is very low now.Nevertheless, a lot of progress has been made, with the last gaps in the film being filled in. One more week to go! Here’s the usual random picks from the weekly presentation folders.


Crunch time!

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Nobody is thinking of you – loyal blog reader – these days anymore! Well, a film has to be finished you know. With just 12 days left for our pre-premiere there’s only one thing people worry about – how to sleep at night avoiding Amsterdam mosquitos. :)

(L to R, T to B) Campbell, Myself, Sergey (hiding in “the cave”), view on our internal and new (!) external render farm renders, Kjartan, Jeremy, Ian (sporting a cool mo!), Sebastian, Andy, Francesco (Mohawk!), Rob and Roman.

Greeetings from everyone from a still relative cool Amsterdam. This weekend it’ll be 30+ here. :)

Pre-premiere & wrap-up party: 28 August, De Balie

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Tuesday evening 28 August at 20:30h we’ll do a first official screening of Tears of Steel in De Balie in Amsterdam. This pre-premiere is for invited guests and (DVD) sponsors only! After the screenings (we’ll show it a couple of times) there will be a wrap-up party with the entire crew in De Balie cafe, to enjoy the past 7 months of work here and to say goodbye to Roman, Jeremy, Kjartan, Sergey, Campbell and Nicolo. Four artists – Ian, Sebastian, Andy and Francesco – will be staying during September to prepare the film for the official premiere (online) and the master the DVDs. The online premiere data is not known yet.

If you want to join us this evening; just send me an email with your DVD order number, you then will be added to the guest list. A sponsor can bring 1 guest, but let me know please. :) We have 150 seats, so don’t wait too long.

ton at blender.org

Weekly – July 27

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Yesterday’s weekly meeting we had visitors from Chile, USA and Germany! Always great to get fresh feedback on your work… they all confirmed they were absorbed with what goes on at the screen – even with unfinished greenscreen shots and without (good) sound.

Below the usual random selection of past week’s work:


Farm renders

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Everyone’s busy… we’re on target to be finished end of August. That’s a mere 5 weeks! Doing interesting blog posts in crunch time is a too demanding; so I’ll just be slamming some stuff online to feed your curiosity :)

Here’s images I copied the past day from our renderfarm UI. It’s all WIP and tests!