by - 2012/07/11 12 Comments Production

Very cool to see the crew doing dailies now (not every day but alas… :). Doing art crits and reviews is a great added value of being in one studio together.

  1. 3pointedit says:

    Dailies, the most critical audience on the planet!

  2. 3pointedit says:

    Why did you flip the pictures? Wall-e poster back to front…

  3. Karlis says:

    At first I read “DALIES” .. in latvian that means “SHARE” :)

  4. Evdude says:

    Hey, is that the extended edition of Lord of the rings (return of the king maybe?) sitting on the table (across from the coffee cup under the rice crispy treat)?

  5. xavier says:

    Great Vfx, Sebastian’s blunt on the second photo looks really photorealistic. :)

  6. Seba says:

    Team work, beautiful thing I guess. As a lonely freelance 3D generalist I would kill to be part of a team like yours. I can se a guy with a “termo y mate” in his hands. Do you have a Rio de la Plata dude in the team?

    Great work guys, I’m following every single step of this project.