The Dome!

by - 2012/07/09 24 Comments Artwork

Dome view on bridge with captured robot. Central set in our movie. Dome environment by Nicoló, Robot by Kjartan and Matte rendering by Andy.

  1. andy says:

    i should mention that this is a matte painting generated by painting over multiple renderings of the dome blend file. more realistic detail was added in post, as well as some photo touchups on the buildings to keep it from looking too game-like. this is still work in progress, and since there’s no indication of depth at this point (fog, etc) i can imagine the final renders might look a bit different.

    the harness also isn’t textured yet, there’s no color-grading involved at this point.

    gotta MAKE IT MOAR REEL!!1

    • Liam says:

      You are doing amazing work! All of you are! It is really great to see what Blender is capable of! I can’t wait until I get to point where I am good enough to try my hand on one of the blender Institute’s open movie projects!

  2. Chuckie says:

    That’s awesome!!! I like the overall tone of the image.
    How did you do the piles of rubble and sand in the foreground?

  3. Andreas says:

    that’s the souvenier i miss in my collection ;)

    did you do a screenrecord while matte painting happend andy ??
    if so, a timelapse would be cool to see i guess.

  4. Wray Bowling says:


    More spectacular than I imagined it would look in the end! That’s why they keep bringing in Andy; because he does things like this. :D

  5. Manuel says:

    Great matte!
    It shows though that the 3d needs some more modelled debris to convince.

  6. Psy-Fi says:

    This picture screams “Creature factory”

    Great work as always :)

  7. Josh G says:

    it looks really good! However near the top looks really fake.

  8. blendercomp says:

    I’m also stunned: the level of detail, visually convincing detail, on the lower part/foreground is truly awesome. *Deep bow*.
    +1 on sharing with us how you created it.

    Still, I have a bit of constructive criticism. What makes this matte game-like and man-this-is-obviously-CG like is that it is such a high contrast image even though it’s night and pretty dark overall. It would be impossible to take such a pic under the lightning conditions implied in the shot.
    The second related point is focus. I can’t think of any lens under the implied lightning conditions in the shot that would capture such a clear image, where the foreground will be perfectly in focus and so would the background. As it stands the image is CG-like because it is so damn perfect! It’s so sharp that tiny details are clearly visible. And without *any* noise for low lightning conditions.
    Thirdly, sharpness is an issue: don’t know if this is Cycles-related or not, but the level of sharpness (in conjunction with all other factors mentioned) makes it look really fake.
    Finally, there’s also something terribly wrong with the reflections! I’m not sure I can pin it down but that was my gut feeling upon seeing the render.

    Maybe all this is completely irrelevant for a matte painting and if so please disregard my crit.

    Knowing how Andy can make shots visually stunning, I know Mango is in good hands.

    keep it up folks! :)

  9. blendercomp says:

    Man, after reading my own post I realized that it may come across as overly negative! :(
    What was I thinking?!

    Come on guys, amaze us once again! :)))))

    • gustavg says:

      Nah, I think your critique was spot on. If they address those issues we’ll have an awesome movie.

    • andy says:

      nope, it didn’t come across as being negative at all! :)

      about the sharpness, as mentioned in the previous weekly, i map this matte back on a low resolution geometry based on the environment, this will allow for a certain level of relighting, as well as adding depth of field and fog. this is really just the starting point (and of course noise is a matte-killer :) ).

      thanks for your comments!

      • blendercomp says:

        Hey Andy, thanx for the response. I’m glad that you’re aware of the limitations and already have plans to circumvent them! :)

  10. Dusty says:

    That’s now my wallpaper!!
    Well done Andy!

    • Armando says:

      I’ve changed my wallpaper also. Please give us a HD pic of it. It will look better (on my screen).

  11. tay says:

    i want a hd wallpapers with this pic… is just awesome, seriusly this film is looking very nice

  12. D says:

    My input would be to not use ambient occlusion, particularly in the foreground. Not only is it a cheat by its very nature, in this case, it is really really shouting “fake” in this picture.
    If I were to relight this scene, I’d make all practical lighting the key lighting, and any space that is too dark, I’d fill with off-screen spotlights. I’ll have no role for ambient occlusion.

    • andy says:

      good point. in case you’re talking about the soft foreground shadows, i didn’t use any AO for them as the foreground is mostly photographic/painted.

      the general idea was that this matte is going to be mapped back onto a low res version of the environment which would allow for adding more (less) light and more defined shadows.


  13. mookie says:

    Although I feel like loosing perspective here and it’s hard to say whether this big machine hanging from the top is far or close to the camera it looks very promising. Standing ovations for probably the most talented Blender user that inspire me – Andy Goralczyk!

  14. matt says:

    Did all you guys realize that Andy Goralczyk just used the six months work of other team people? From you comments looks like he did everything…

    • ton says:

      Indeed; it’s always within the context of a team effort. Spcial credits at least go to Kjartan and Nicolo, who both modeled and worked on shaders and textures too.

    • andy says:

      yes the fact that i did only light and paint should have been made more clear.