Voronoi Fracturing

by - 2012/07/05 61 Comments Random

In new builds of blender you will find under User Preferences/Addons/Object/Cell Fracture the new voronoi fracturing tool from Campbell Barton! It’s still under development, but already useful.

screenshot with all the options


Set Mass tool – Script

by - 2012/05/04 7 Comments Production

In physics simulations it’s very handy to make objects have a mass value based on their size. So for instance if you have one big and several small objects in a simulation(that are made of the same material) then the big object should be able to move and affect the smaller objects more then the other way around.

So we asked Sergey if he could write us a tool that works by checking the bounding box of the selected objects and gives them a mass value based on their size. And so he did! it didn’t take him long :)

Download the addon here:PhysicsTools.py


Blended Box Mapping

by - 2012/04/29 23 Comments Production

Blended box mapping is a technique where you project images from 3 angles and blend them together based on the objects normals. Doing this in cycles was until recently only possible to do on static objects, but now we can use it on animated objects as well!

Download example file:  blended_box_map

This technique requires a very new build of blender after build revision 46076. That means newer then blender 2.63 stable. Or you can also use a recent tomato branch

Hope you guys find it useful

If you want to geek out and learn more about this technique then go here:


Modifier Tools – Script

by - 2012/04/16 16 Comments Development, Production

One of the things we learned from the kickoff project was that animating the parameters of modifiers for a bunch of objects can be very, very time consuming. So we asked Sergey if he could make a button that copied the animated parameters of the actively selected object to the whole selection. 5 minutes later he had fully working feature that did exactly that :)

And here it is!: ModifierTools.py

In the image above you can see an example of how I am using the script to make fractured shards look more organic (less straight). This is good for mid ground fragments.