More Physics

by - 2012/01/21 49 Comments Artwork, Production

Here’s a quick follow-up post on physics.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing various rigid body and smoke tests, just to get comfortable with physics in Blender.

I also tried to stress test the tools by using largeĀ amounts of active rigid body objects. That last clip with the round church tower collapsing consists of just bellow 10 000 active objects simulated by Bullet via the game engine. Both Bullet andĀ Blender handled that many objects surprisingly well!

Pyro and Destruction 01

by - 2012/01/06 26 Comments Artwork, Production

Hello blender community! My name is Kjartan, I’m one of the new Mango-guys :)

This week we’ve been researching topics that we think will be relevant for Mango.
Sebastian did that awesome Digital MakeUp test, and I’m researching Pyro and

I’ve made two simple tests. One of Suzanne hitting and breaking a wall and the
other is just Suzanne blowing up. Typical blender-tests :)