Robot update

by - 2012/03/26 11 Comments Production

Here’s a update on the robot for your viewing pleasure. It’s starting to take shape.

  1. Dimetrii says:

    coool ! :)

  2. Dusty says:

    Very VERY cool!!

    urm…. how does it’s wrist turn to grab the other main character around the mouth?

  3. Aditia says:

    wow…your hard edge modelling skill was really awesome Kjartan

  4. Gianmichele says:

    Wooooooo…it’s great! Can’t wait to see it with all the details

  5. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    The robot ist looking very fine :)

    How are you going to animate the head?
    As far as I am able to judge this robot are intellegent Entietys so they have to act and more importen they need to act seriosly. Thes roud lamps might looke more like cute being not like killer robot

  6. ctdabomb says:

    how many faces is that? o_O it’s cool!

  7. Now THAT’S a cool robot.

    [turns green out of envy]

  8. spatdsg says:

    Can we see some closeup wires?
    Any timelapse vids available? I think people would really like to see if\how you are utilizing bmesh yet

  9. MxD says:

    A very impressive, dangerous looking, electro-mechanical baboon ! And a very nice technical design too.
    Will he act and run like a baboon too ? Thàt will be impressive !!!
    A great start, you’re on the right track, you have my blessing :-)

  10. chotio says:

    It looks like Creature Factory DVD model!

    I love it.