Robot Hand

by - 2012/04/05 26 Comments Production

Here’s the robot hand. Still not finished, but you can see where it’s going. The plan is to integrate this on a live hand.

  1. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    very fine design the A symetric and it look leke a hand very fine

    but wehr will it be use ?
    is it one the machien and on the Woman?

    • ctdabomb says:

      yes, i think that is where it is going :)
      wish i had one….

    • Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

      maybe same Upsides….
      dose it came with USBport for keybord and Mouse fore a faster Blender use????
      If so I will order it on the Blender Store :D

  2. hassan yola says:

    look very cool I am exited to see it finish and integrate :-)

  3. sozap says:

    very nice and impressive modeling, how long did you work on that ?

  4. thomas says:

    I hope this Mango project is not treated like it’s just an opportunity to experiment on things. People are hired because they’re expected to be experienced enough to deliver. Testing and fiddling around should be over by now and assumed that they’ve had enough of that in their background. Just do it and produce something.

    • sow hussein says:

      Comon man!
      How can you talk like that,i think people like you are the main reasons why this kind of project fail!!
      Maybe they should close the blog,do their stuff and deliver the movie,cause this kinds of comments really make me feel sad.
      People behind this project did it before,you look like someone who never worked on any creative project anyway,so im really wasting my time.
      I guess you should be a 9 year old new 3d enthusiast,who dont know nothing about movie making.

      “fiddling around should be over by now”…LOL

    • sozap says:

      you should be director of this project, with your impressive trolling skills it may not lead to an open movie but surely it will be the first open joke…

    • Cessen says:

      Spoken like true veteran!

      Err… wait. Actually, spoken like someone who has never been on a real-world cutting-edge production.

    • stephen says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Only when you get experienced enough do you realise that you don’t know everything, know that you never will know everything and a little experimentation is always required. It’s the hallmark of an amateur to expect that one day they’ll reach some sort of magical milestone and know how to do everything perfectly, right off the bat in the best way possible. This is not The Matrix and, I’m afraid, you are not Neo…


    • Rogério Perdiz says:

      I’ll explain to you so you can learn, because at a given time no one sees everything as things are and I think it’s not really fare judge someone by things he may not be aware of.

      There is very few arts that one can master like you mention if there even are some and/or someone actually can.
      Ok, maybe if your a painter that use always just a closed set of techniques and tools to do your work, eventually you’ll probably master that and you can them make your master piece… but you really have to close your mind to anything new, so this it’s always a relative thing.
      You can master something as long you quit learning.

      On the CG world it’s impossible to master tools and techniques doe, and that’s because every day you have new tools that allow you to make things differently and continually optimize your work-flow to achieve better and faster results. So the mentioned “fiddling around” is actually how we work all the time :)

  5. kjartan says:

    @ sozap – thanks. i did a block out model of this a few weeks ago so that Jeremy had something to rig ( In total this is about 3.5 days of modeling and figuring out some design choices (btw it’s based on a initial concept by David Revoy).

    @ thomas – “Testing and fiddling around should be over by now ”
    Come on dude. We are still in Pre-production :)

  6. Daniel Wray says:

    Really nice modelling! :)

  7. D says:

    3D print it so you actors can interact with it! Also good for lighting reference.

    • Hubberthus says:

      I also thought of it, but maybe it would be too expensive because it’s big.
      However smaller stuff could be printed out which actors interact with. A really talented artist like David could paint it to look very cool.
      Was a technique like this ever used in movies? To print out the props? :)

      • ian says:

        They 3d printed the iron man suit for the movies, if I recall correctly! Which is kinda cool, cause they imply that’s how it’s made in the context of the films as well.

  8. asdwqe says:

    Looks more like a lame version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    • John says:

      I certainly hope you aren’t going to assume that every prosthetic arm in future fiction is somehow ripping off Deus Ex. that would be terrible in general, and probably would stop you from enjoying stuff

  9. 3pointedit says:

    Some movies will use proxy props for scale and interaction. As well as mass and eye lines. See Avatar for good examples. Of course you could knock that hand up in Styrofoam or cardboard using just some elevation diagrams. No real need for 3D printing.

    • ian says:

      Or use an actual hand!

    • Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

      Of cures making a artefial Hand will a bit use less

      But never than less it is a good question!
      do you think about to tracking the hand ….?
      migth be a usefull deal…
      you need to use Tracker marks… will you use a Spezal glove?
      or will it be easyer to just animaed it

      • ian says:

        It’ll probably be a combination of the two; Sebastian has his great arm tracking rigs he can track, then we may end up animating the fingers by eye.

  10. theste says:

    wow this is very nice work, it would be really good to see how that was created :D

  11. Kristoffer says:

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the final results :D