QuadBot Wallpaper

by - 2012/04/25 29 Comments Artwork

By popular demand. Here’s a wallpaper versions of the QuadBot.

1920×1080   1920×1200   1280×800

  1. TFS says:

    can we have it as 1080p minimum?
    stretching it as background image doesn’t do it justice

  2. Knochi says:


  3. TFS says:


  4. Dusty says:

    Very kind of you! Thank you!

  5. steven says:

    very cool,Thank you kjartan

  6. FZ says:

    Hey Really cool!
    But kjartan, Could you do it as “1920×1080” too, so the Blender users who use 2 Monitors can use the wallpaper too?

    Tank you very much!


  7. Teun says:


  8. Alexander-- says:

    yey, cool –thank u =]

  9. Chris Haley says:

    Wallpaper set!!! :)

  10. An eye vu production says:

    Thiz is aawzome hw bout a wallpaper with that quadbot standing next to a sillohuette
    that space feels empty
    this could be a size comparison
    ps ton should have a cameo appearance in the film

  11. FreeMind says:

    You could have also added a non wide-screen version.

  12. Eps says:

    Eps,, Thanks a lot:) :D gotta be my source of inspiration for sometime ;-)
    Between right now am using the outside dome picture that u guys posted earlier;)
    Gluck to u ALL!

  13. Agus says:

    Amazing model, the shading also is pro.
    But what i don’t agree is with the completely white background. To my eyes it simply doesn’t match, perhaps a gradient studio setup, but i’ll would put a little bit more time to texture the ground plane with any scfi texture, and some debris, or compose it into a photography.
    But overall amazing work

  14. suonik says:

    I’ve asked before but let me once again. Is this the one which will also climb the buildings? So how this design (feet in particular) fits into this task?

  15. Lucas Falcao says:

    WoooW thanks! Changing my wallpaper right…now!

  16. theLuthier says:

    You guys are killing it on Mango! Keep up the beautiful work =)

  17. Kristoffer says:

    Sweeeet! Awesome stuff, Cartman :D