Weekly meeting 29.06.2012

by - 2012/06/29 7 Comments Weekly meeting

Weekly meeting streaming directly from YouTube!

  1. bman says:

    “Cycles: Brecht van Lommel works on optimizations (needed for Mango too), Ton will ask him to write about it on the blog.”

    Will this be available soon?

  2. Tycho says:

    Nice work :)
    It’s really impressive.
    Andy i got a question is the shader for leave the one I post link in a previous nicolo post ?
    And what’s the software use to write python script ?

  3. Big Fan says:

    Well its coming along but to me it looks like ‘we’ keep revisiting the same shots for rework/polish and perhaps presently the team is a little over conscious of detail/exactness when the story will carry the audience along. I hope people will be eating popcorn and going ooh aghh not sitting there with magnifying glass taking notes that at 3:46 it needs some slight compositing tweek. I know the community of blender artists are inclined to view these things from a technical and artistically critical view but I think the team should not lose sight of the larger mission. Somehow I don’t think you have enough people to do polish to the standard the team would like and finish the movie on time. I am sure it will all turn out better than you are thinking when you are aware of every small issue while working on it. Perhaps Ton can find some community helpers for general tasks so the team who are most familiar with the new tools can hone it to production standard? Good effort though everyone. :)

  4. Tycho says:

    Oh yeah and there is an issue with the integration : the background dont extend well and so there is a black gap near the painting that is hung on the wall, in the bottom right of it.
    It’s because a brick is missing.
    Nothing hard to fix but I just to make the aware of !

  5. Tycho says:

    Any news about the sound track ! About Brecht improvement and road map in cycle ? About the keying tree CoyHot send to Ton ?

  6. Micah Denn says:

    In your run robots run scene they just seem to drop to a dead stop when they fall. would be good if they slid across the floor a bit more.

  7. Daniel Wray says:

    How did you guys get DJV view up and running on your systems? I’ve tried it a few times and had major problems getting it to run. Are you guys using Ubuntu 12.04, or a different distro / version?