Copy And Paste

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Kudos to Lukas and Campbell, this changes everything!!

  1. n-pigeon says:

    My life will never be the same…

  2. Aah, awesome!! Are there any plans of implementing copy-paste for other elements (objects, meshes/ mesh elements, materials) as well? I know we already have ctrl+D and Link/Append, but this is something I’ve really wanted for a while now. Either way, this is pretty darn cool! =)

  3. n-pigeon says:

    @Patrick Boelens

    Good point!
    We want this for other date as well :]

  4. stephen says:

    I’ll take that ZOMG!!1 and raise you a WOWZERS!!1

  5. Sam Schad says:

    AWESOME. It’s always the simple things!

  6. blendercomp says:

    Awesomely awesome! :)

  7. SamCameron says:

    Wow, so good. This is something I was missing. Would be also interesting to have some kind of appending option as we can do with meshes and other stuff but mainly for compositing nodes which I think is just the only thing you cannot append by now.

  8. 3D says:

    What a useful feature addition. Thank you :-)

    Please extend this to objects, particle systems, meshes, materials, & objects(vgroups, etc), and everywhere else that we’d expect this in other modern 3D suites.

    Thank you again Luka & Campbell!!

    • Campbell Barton (ideasman42) says:

      Just a node that this wouldn’t get _extended_ to work in other cases, if copy and paste are added in other areas, it would get written from scratch in each case.

      Some kind of generic copy/paste buffer is technically possible (encode nodes/meshes/poses etc into some XML text info which could be used anywhere, with the advantage that you could copy between 2 running blender programs), but this is a lot of work to implement and has drawbacks too – basically requires us to have blender-as-text and be able to import/export it, detect blender version mis-matches…. so not sure its worth doing.

      • @Campbell I would actually vouch it would be useful to have; if not simply because people would expect it to be there. I would love to simply be able to copy whatever model I have, open a new .blend file and paste it in. Assuming I won’t want it linked in, this would save that extra step of going to file > Link/Append > browse for file > browse for data. Seems small enough (and probably is), but considering Blender is so hotkey-based I was personally very surprised ctrl+C/ctrl+V didn’t work when I started out, as I’m sure others were too.

        Also, with copy-paste already in for UI values, wouldn’t you agree a full integration would look nice? ;) [/pitch]

      • dima_l says:

        Why xml? why not just .buffer.blend? For .blend files is already version checking/compatibility and type verification is very easy in this case. So on copy put data into buffer.blend on past get it. Or am I lose something?

      • rickyx says:

        Don’t get the necessity to convert in text the structure for copy and paste: when you are copying-pasting images don’t think that is text!

  9. 3D_V1P3R says:

    I believe this is the script you are looking for ->
    I assume it will be integrated once any bugs are worked out

  10. 3pointedit says:

    Wow, at last no more grouping for duping!

    I have a question, why don’t my frames alter color (like the ones here) when I change it? Is there a User pref setting for them? All I get is a transparent outline :(

    • sebastian says:

      it is alraedy in trunk.
      the transparent frames is probably a user pref thing. go to user preferences and in themes change the alpha value for frame node.

  11. 3pointedit says:

    Oh and is this commit going into trunk? If it has which number?

  12. fZ says:

    This is so great! always wanted that!