Andy shares his screen and does compositing stuff

by - 2012/07/02 10 Comments Compositing


Today I’m going to work on more shorts from the inside of the command center. Mostly set extensions and integrating the Captain, Thom and Ghengis into the CG environment. I decided to share my screen for today and let everyone look over my digital shoulder. I’ll try to keep it entertaining, but since I’ll be rendering, sometimes things can go slow :)

edit: I’m sorry, it looks like this turned out a typical monday, with lots of off-screen discussions, so I had to stop the screen sharing. I will resume this experiment at another point in time probably.

edit2: Scroll down for tuesday!

  1. xboong says:

    cool! thank you!

  2. Robert says:

    Nice Idea, but to tiny capture with a lot white – invisible to the eye…

  3. Matt says:

    FANTASTIC idea! I love tutorials, but they don’t usually show how much experimentation goes into the decisions that are made, nor how to go about that kind of experimentation. This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking for!

  4. ndundupan says:

    WOW! It’s awesome,it will be include on DVD?

  5. Daniel Wray says:


    What tracking / management software are you guys using, it looks as if Andy has some type of asset management / scheduling web-based app open on his second screen.

    Is it Shotgun, or a custom solution?

    • andy says:

      it’s actually our custom made renderfarm interface. we dont use any asset management software at the moment… except for libre office maybe.

      • Daniel Wray says:

        Ah I see!

        I had thought it some kind of asset management since it has colour coded bars, I assumed this represented the states of various scenes / assets.

        Management via Libre office spreadsheets? heh I used that technique a while back, it worked quite well to be fair. If

      • andy says:

        oh! shortly after this, i realized that Francesco was writing an awesome custom shot / render tracking application all day long….

  6. Robert says:

    Sorry – why are you all say “It’s awesome?”

    I can’t see anything?! In HD there is a white Screen with a tiny Blender Screen in in the middle where something happens, one hour long – but you can’t tell me that anyone can read this or see what the nodes are doing….

    So, the idea is good – but the realization quality not….

  7. AlekB says:

    We all say it’s awesome because we CAN see what’s going on. You need to know what the nodes are and how they work in order to really follow what he is doing but still…. Awesome to see him working.