Masking in Blender

by - 2012/06/05 36 Comments Production

This is a first demo of the current status of the masking tools in Blender, that are currently being developed. Since we need it desperately for the work on Mango, we are all very happy to be able to use these tools.

But be aware that the development is still in progress, so you can expect some changes and improvements.
These tools have been merged to the main development version of Blender, so if you want to use them, either build trunk (SVN), or go to and download the latest version there.

Thanks to Sergey Sharybin, Pete Larabell and Campbell Barton for their work!

Weekly – June 1

by - 2012/06/02 11 Comments Weekly meeting

Not much new to show. Most of the weekly stuff already ended up in a blog post here! There’s also the new masking tools we’ll post about next week. Last week’s pipeline test (full pipeline from footage to render) didn’t go too smooth yet, but that was the purpose of testing! The little bits are coming together now. I also promise to get a full pipeline posting here on the blog, once it’s been proven to work :)