Weekly meeting 01-06-2012

by - 2012/06/01 5 Comments Weekly meeting

Today will be live on twitcam for our weekly meeting. Drop by at 6:00 and get the latest news about project mango!

  1. masteryod says:

    Hope this is mango flavor beer ;)

  2. Big Fan says:

    Ton has said he is happy with progress at the half way point but it seems to me there is a great deal of work to be done yet with tracking, compositing etc and the team are typically reporting they did ‘not much’ each week. Perhaps that is only a perception from the relaxed weeklys however are they confident what they want to do is achievable in the time remaining. The devil is in the details I think, perhaps too much detail to get done with a small team…
    Out of respect for Ton nowhere in this post did I mention beer ;)

  3. Jonathan Hodges says:

    Hey hey, thanks for sharing, Nancy Naysayer.

  4. Eps says:

    You can keep your beer Ton, I want candy :P

  5. Matt says:

    Wait… Blender nerds have Girlfriends???