Weekly – June 1

by - 2012/06/02 11 Comments Weekly meeting

Not much new to show. Most of the weekly stuff already ended up in a blog post here! There’s also the new masking tools we’ll post about next week. Last week’s pipeline test (full pipeline from footage to render) didn’t go too smooth yet, but that was the purpose of testing! The little bits are coming together now. I also promise to get a full pipeline posting here on the blog, once it’s been proven to work :)

  1. marcoG_ITA says:

    Great stuff as always guys. What about “greeble” scene? A fast way to add dirt over corners and occluded parts?

    Kind regards

  2. ThoFei says:

    So few comments … unbelievable. Nice progress, you’re really motivating me to (at least) plan an own short movie. Will do my first tracking tests soon ;)

  3. Tycho says:

    Yes there is too few comments !
    That really nice !
    I got a few questions :
    – would it be a lightwarp node ? that can already be done with maths, erode and alphaover but its not pretty simple and i guess its not optmise
    – in the plannar tracker, would the mask do like in macho the vect selection and allow convertind sobel edge detection into nice spline and tacking it : that can help a lot in compositing to make the green light in the back ground of the scene being removed
    – what the new node keying scene do ?
    – is dynamic paint gonna used in mango
    – is audio from GSOC 2011 or e.a.r. gonna be used ?
    – would a scene (couple of exrs) be available soon to test the new trackers/keying improvements by home ?
    – would the shader batch script be avilable (perhaps it is but cant found it in tomato branch ?
    – what about the asset menager ?
    – what about allembic ?
    – is omega over ?

    Ps : i think a few question is more alot of question :)

  4. sozap says:

    there are few comments because everyone are still looking at these awsome pictures , concratulation guys ! exiting things are comming ; don’t forget to keep us updated as well ,
    keep up the good work !

  5. mookie says:

    How long does it take to render a full resolution frame now without Cycles speed improvements? I know it depends on a scene and shaders but still I’d like to know that.

  6. Bao2 says:

    Really doing a perfect keying is difficult when there are hairs and glasses. I was testing and it really is difficult. Next movie only old actors and if they are bald!!!

  7. 3pointedit says:

    I have seen keys through glass that works, retaining reflections as well (though the distortion would be another effect).

  8. sozap says:

    it’s the same problem with keying something blurred, it depends on the keyer , best keyer like keylight or ultimatte can do that easily , but standard keyer like the one in final cut can’t do these kind of tricky things , and then begin the nightmare :D

  9. varomix says:

    you guys are making a great job, really amazing

    by the way I love the blender theme on this screenshoot

    can you tell me where to get it?