Filming day 3, Ton’s gallery

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Today we had the scenes with Derek de Lint and Sergio Hasselbaink. Great actors to work with! We also had to decide whether or not to film outside tomorrow… and decided to take the risk :) It might rain all day, but the predictions give enough dry periods to do have all shots filmed.



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Today was the first day of production in the greenscreen studio at No filming yet, but building the sets for the first day of shooting on monday. Romke brought in his awesome stuff, 2 truck loads full of assets, props and sets. The team had some really hard work to do today!

The studio is super great, with a giant greenscreen, a white limbo, separate rooms, and first floor for catering. The guys from even put a Blender logo at the door! :)

Result: random video with lots of green pixels. Plus some Russian punk from “Green Team”.