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Today was the first day of production in the greenscreen studio at No filming yet, but building the sets for the first day of shooting on monday. Romke brought in his awesome stuff, 2 truck loads full of assets, props and sets. The team had some really hard work to do today!

The studio is super great, with a giant greenscreen, a white limbo, separate rooms, and first floor for catering. The guys from even put a Blender logo at the door! :)

Result: random video with lots of green pixels. Plus some Russian punk from “Green Team”.

  1. Casper says:

    Hey Blendernerds!
    Lovely to see another update again.

    Just wanted to say the link to is broken. Just wrong URL, nothing more.

    “Kin vooruit, en Borst Omhoog!”
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Andy says:

    I wanna see some green screen and object tracking tests!

  3. Marcelo says:

    Wonderful space and funny video! All the best for the shooting, guys!

  4. Armando says:

    Whiiiiiiiiiiiiished to be there.

  5. J. says:

    Ton: Are you gonna do a blogpost for those who like to visit the ”bridge set”?

  6. Neonu says:

    Pleease, let the piano explode!

  7. Tadd says:

    To say I wasn’t grinning like a school boy as you walked into the main studio would be a dirty filthy lie. You guys are livin the dream. My dream. GET OUT OF MY DREAM!

    Wait no .. finish the movie first … :)

  8. Ross M. says:

    You guys do NOT know how lucky you are to have such a nice greenscreen lol

  9. Alex says:

    Wow! It’s a real (physical!) production :)

  10. 3pointedit says:

    Aww, you shuttled the camera recording. You should have done the speed up in Blender (video and audio), cheats!

  11. PhysicsGuy says:

    That sounds a lot like blink 182. Except for the russian lyrics ofcourse.
    Great greenscreen. Take some picks when the setpieces are in place. We’re all very curious.

  12. Ben says:

    I know you guys are having fun and all, but wouldn’t it be cheaper to model the greenscreen in blender and set it to shadeless? :P

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      Dude, that’s quite a good joke for a lazy sunday morning.

    • Tycho says:

      Cycles spocken, there is no shadow so all is shadeless :)
      But puting someone greann in the film : its absurds, the dome looks cooler than a green panel.
      I like ur jalk too …

  13. shamshadinov says:

    Неожиданная музыка :-))

  14. Seliverstoff says:

    Да, я в шоке, музыка неожиданная ))
    Зеленая Казахстанка VS Нидерланды ))) Гремучая смесь )))

  15. Light says:

    Where can I find objects like the ones in minute 1:58?