Time Lapse – Day 3

by - 2012/05/09 4 Comments Filming, Production

Last one with the green. I’ll try and work something out for shooting a time lapse tomorrow at the bridge, but I need to plug into power to go for longer than 2-3 hours so it may not happen :(

Filmed with my trusty GoPro taking a photo every minute for the whole day. Played back at 12fps.

  1. Phil2.0 says:


  2. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    The Hippy outfit dressed you quit well ;D

  3. Manuel says:

    Any chance that you can ask someone living at the bridge set to put the camera inside his/her window with a powerplug?
    Of course thats no sure thing but i think there might be people willing to let you put that camera there :)