Filming day 3, Ton’s gallery

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Today we had the scenes with Derek de Lint and Sergio Hasselbaink. Great actors to work with! We also had to decide whether or not to film outside tomorrow… and decided to take the risk :) It might rain all day, but the predictions give enough dry periods to do have all shots filmed.

That also wrapped up the studio days of filming today. In just a little over an hour the studio was empty again. Ian was watching footage in the meantime and enjoying tremendously what a really (*really*) great job the light & camera team has done. Shots might at first appear a bit overlit bright and flat, but that’s just to get the full range… playing with color sliders reveals new worlds in the pictures. Amazing :) We’ll come back to the work of the crew here later. Just for now, kudos for Joris Kerbosch & Eugene Sprik & their teams!

(Not to forget: also kudos to Pablo Londono Sarria’s costumes and Sanne Kiwitz’ make-up. Sergio’s looks today was flabbergasting!)

  1. Cunera says:

    Hoi Ton,
    Ziet er allemaal puik uit hoor! Complimenten van ons.
    Nu maar hopen op goed weer morgen.
    Hans + Cunera xxx

  2. Lars says:

    I guess there will be no live streaming for the outside shooting, right?

  3. WTomi says:

    Amazing pictures! I’m so excited! Great work guys!

  4. PhysicsGuy says:

    Wow, you guys must have been so well prepared. The timelapses all looked so efficient. Really impressive work! I hope you guys have ok weather tomorrow. Good luck and have fun!

  5. Blendiac says:

    Love the costume and lighting on sniper guy. Looking great!

  6. Ric says:

    Is Campbell Barton there? a picture seems to show him

  7. Josh Cryer says:

    Thanks for providing the streams when you could, really cool experience, first of its kind, maybe. Looking forward to todays shoot stuff.

  8. Nikolay says:

    Great work! I wish you luck!

  9. TFS says:

    Hope with vfx added, with one of the bullet shots we get one of those slo-mo action scenes, being able to see the circular aberations as the round travel through the air? :)

  10. all this looks wiked

    when the project is finally finished would you guys run an ebay auction, for all the awsome props you peeps have made….

    i especially love that newspaper that keeps croping up and a little touch of authenticity

    interms of working under the weather(pun intended) cant you guys use a high ceilinged tent and use enough lighting to make it look like its sunny

    or even better how about using that rain for real-time atmospheric effects thus adding to the mood of the scene

    PS use fake rain(or if real rain happens at the right time) when ceilia shows a bit of her dark side