1. Eps says:

    where to watch ey? thanks

  2. Tycho says:

    is it gonna be save somewhere cause I got a week of exam so I cant even see that :(
    Have fun filming …

  3. + 1 to tycho’s exams

  4. Phil2.0 says:

    Do it rather in the BlenderInstitute.
    Are you sure you will support the pressure of being “spy”

    Ton, you astonish me, don’t you find this project so hard to add

  5. 3pointedit says:

    Can we have a camera on Tycho’s exams instead?

    • Tycho says:

      You know nothing funny about it : I was sitiing in a suffocating room, my head betxeen my hand, thinking about something that absolutly unfunny, not even hopping to solve the problem, but just to do better than the other that seet in the same room and inthe other parts of France.
      So I thought a six hour live would be boring to death :) Noone want that :)

  6. shul says:

    It’s monday.. Yay?

  7. Nick says:

    Looking forward to seeing the movie, probably going to be the best one yet!

  8. Guido says:

    Great! Will you record the stream to watch it later offline?:-)

  9. N.A. says:

    Hmmm…where is the stream? Anyone knows if there is a Mango irc-Channel or something like that?

  10. ZeroO says:

    Now, *THIS* is what I call “open movie”! Thanks guys!

    • J. says:

      I hope you don’t get troubles during syncing up the audio, as the AD operating the slate mixed Dutch and English, which is very confusing as a Dutch ”E” sounds like an English ”A” and a Dutch ”I” sounds like an English ”E”. :P