Filming Day 1, Ton’s Gallery

by - 2012/05/08 11 Comments Filming, Production

Here’s my photographic impression of the first day filming, starting with breakfast at 7.30 until the last shot at 17.45.

  1. Josh Cryer says:

    You weren’t kidding ton when you said you were going to cover everything. Been a really fun ride so far. Just fantastic.

  2. vblend says:

    Wow !
    Everything looks so professional !
    And, guys, what a great makeup !

    Go on !

    • gmc says:

      I actually forgot to take off the black around my eyes (which I only noticed when i was at home staring in the elevator mirror), got some strange looks at the gas station on my way home.. :) Was a real fun day! I miss the whole set & team already, too bad I can’t be there the whole week ..

  3. kai says:

    SO awesome!!!!
    Great work!!!!

  4. vitos1k says:

    why there is no mango among that food?

    • vitos1k says:

      you should replace kiwi with a mango!

      • kram1032 says:

        I’m waiting for the appearance of the futuristic Mango-shaped space ship that uses fruity sugar shock lasers as primary weaponry.

        • postrock says:

          There’s the mango symbol on the mechadogs already and i hope that’s it (easter eggs are so dumb).

  5. PhysicsGuy says:

    Thanks for the photos Ton! We tried to spot our props on the webcam stream, bit it was too grainy. In the photos we could find them! Great!

  6. Wray Bowling says:

    Learning though photographs is always fun. :)

  7. Anurag says:

    I am crying outta of happiness. Lol.
    Blender going to blending all stuff this time.
    Ton n ur team are heroes.