Filming Complications! (Considerations?)

by - 2012/05/03 26 Comments Filming

Are we having them? Eh, nothing unexpected! But somebody asked if we could do a blog post about things that can become complicated on the actual filming front (we do tend to be a bit Blender-cenctric). The differences between making a film and making an animation. These are some of the things we’ve been having to think about over the past (and rest of this) week.


Actor line-up: Derek de Lint, Sergio Hasselbaink, and more!

by - 2012/05/01 52 Comments Filming, Production

It took a while to get everyone confirmed! Here’s the line-up:

  • Derek de Lint, “Old Thom”. One of the few Dutch actors with a lot of international film experience
  • Sergio Hasselbaink, “Barly”. He’s a new talent here, former dancer/skater, famous for his lead role in “Sonny Boy”.
  • Rogier Schippers, “Captain”. Rogier is very well known as theatre & TV series actor in the Netherlands.
  • Chris Haley, “Tech Head”. Chris is Pixel Pusher at JEHProductions. He was selected after a wonderful youtube audition!
  • Jody Bhe, “Djenghis”. She’s an experienced musical actress, currently doing Miss Saigon.
  • Vanja Rukavina, “Thom” and Denise Rebergen, “Celia” were casted via auditions at Kemna Casting. Excellent picks from our casting agent Houdijn Beekhuis!

Extra’s for scientists fighting with robots: Daan van ‘t Einde (Blenderhead audition), Keir Meirle (libmv dev), Campbell Barton (Blender dev). Hippie: Jeremy Davidson.

Weekly – April 27

by - 2012/04/28 23 Comments Development, Filming

Just one week left before we’re going to film! This will be on May 7 8 9 in Amsterdam Studios, and on May 10 at a bridge in Amsterdam. If you want to see us in action; then check on the set on thursday – visitors in the studio will be too disruptive and keep us from working.

Above you can see a floorplan of the studio (with 2 limbos), we will add a temp greenscreen in the white limbo for sets as well, so we can film on 1 set while the other is being prepared by the crew.

On location (exact spot will be announced asap) we’ll have a huge crane for the opening shot and some of the dialog break-up scenes.

All will be filmed with Sony F65 – brilliant 4k footage – which generates 250 MB per second. Go figure! Better not to do 48 fps then? ;) Although for slomo shots we will be using it, obviously.

Below video is Jeremy’s crazy awesome robot arm rig.

Location visits with crew

by - 2012/04/23 14 Comments Filming, Production

Today we had a near-complete film crew meeting on location and studio with Merle Bos (Assistant Director), Joris Kerbosch (Director of Photography), Eugene Sprik (Gaffer – Light), Romke Faber (Production Design) and Victor Dekker (Sound recording). We will do another meeting with the Grip (crane, dolly) later. Of course Ian (Director) and Sebastian (Match Mover) were there too.

Biggest outcome of the discussion on the bridge was that this location would have a lot of practical issues to solve; we should carefully weight if that’s worth the efforts (and money!).

Tomorrow another exciting visit will be to the former energy museum. I really hope the location is usable for us.

Later more!

Production update – April 19

by - 2012/04/19 16 Comments Filming, Production

Man o man, so much coolness is happening and I can’t talk about it in detail yet :) Here’s some stuff:

  • We now have young Thom, old Thom, Celia and Barley via Kemna Casting. Each of these actors is *awesome*. I rather not reveal names before we have the paperwork done though!
  • There are two online audition submissions we’d like to invite for the film. They get a mail today. The rest hereby gets my honest thanks and *respect* for doing it!
  • New filming crew members as confirmed sofar: Assistant director, Focus Puller, Gaffer and Best Boy (light), Grips (cranes). Sound and Make-up/hair is in process. Full bios, pictures, names, etc will be posted here later.
  • After careful deliberations & testing & discussions, we decided to film the bridge scene on location after all (not in studio). Is going to be daytime now, not evening (which was terrible complex for lighting and which makes city of Amsterdam nervous because we do this in middle of red light district).
  • Flying camera shot around church will be CG. We have permission to climb in tower next week to photograph the view from tower (to make a nice 3d projection map!).
  • Last minute news; we *might* still get the former energy museum location to film some scenes. We know more tuesday!
  • Pablo Vazquez is coming over today again! He’s going to work here on a 2nd edition of famous training dvd Venom’s Lab. I’m sure he’ll lend us some hands the next months too :)
  • Tonight: all of the team going to the Dutch premiere of Iron Sky!

Picture: I found a great store in Amsterdam where they sell or lend the craziest things. Might come in handy for the props department!

Online casting for Mango

by - 2012/04/11 73 Comments Filming

We are working with Kemna Casting for finding us the right people for roles, they’re awesome and for sure they can get us the right people. For the five older roles we will do a casting based on their portfolios, for the two young characters – Thom and Celia – they’ll organize a casting this week for us.

Chances are very high they’ll find us the awesome¬† actors, but we shouldn’t rule out the chance something magic happens online as well. So, here’s your chance if you want to become a movie star! Rules to participate:

0) You have to be available in Amsterdam Studios on one day, either 7-8-9-10 or 11 May.
1) Pick a character from below’s list
2) Record yourself acting out at least the lines of text, upload it to YouTube/Vimeo as Creative Commons
3) Paste here the link to the video
4) We pay in eternal fame; lots of fun and a great movie credit.