Weekly – April 27

by - 2012/04/28 23 Comments Development, Filming

Just one week left before we’re going to film! This will be on May 7 8 9 in Amsterdam Studios, and on May 10 at a bridge in Amsterdam. If you want to see us in action; then check on the set on thursday – visitors in the studio will be too disruptive and keep us from working.

Above you can see a floorplan of the studio (with 2 limbos), we will add a temp greenscreen in the white limbo for sets as well, so we can film on 1 set while the other is being prepared by the crew.

On location (exact spot will be announced asap) we’ll have a huge crane for the opening shot and some of the dialog break-up scenes.

All will be filmed with Sony F65 – brilliant 4k footage – which generates 250 MB per second. Go figure! Better not to do 48 fps then? ;) Although for slomo shots we will be using it, obviously.

Below video is Jeremy’s crazy awesome robot arm rig.

  1. ctdabomb says:

    that rig is crazy :/

  2. ZetShandow says:

    robot hand is false because it has no shadow of right, but it would look perfect

  3. Micah Denn says:

    motion blur on you arm looks a little funky to me.

  4. Sam Schad says:

    Can’t wait to see everything in action on the day of shooting. Pictures, please!

  5. Jan the Freeze says:

    Do you have a set photographer? Or a camera for the documentary? I hope so

  6. MeshWeaver says:

    Well, the hand looks great, though I guess you already know the lighting needs a bit of tweaking ;)

    The big ‘bots also remind me of a few of the armoured tanks from Star Wars (either Empire or Republic, can’t remember), which is awesome. They look pretty epic, sitting in that church!

    Anyway, this is really coming together! So glad I pre-ordered this time around :D Never got ’round to it on Sintel, I wish I had…

  7. PhysicsGuy says:

    The robot arm looks ridiculously good!

  8. Milad Thaha says:

    That rig just made my knees go weak.

  9. postrock says:

    Is the InChurch pic entirely CGI? Background looks real.

  10. Will you be talking about the modeled lighting rigs and how you are matching emission settings with real world lighting setups?

  11. Karlis says:

    Those robots in church could use some light wrapping..

  12. Nathaniel de Bell says:

    Though I am impressed by your progress in relation to the rigging of the “Robot Arm”, I have noticed that when the third finger of the model extends within the video (0:09-0:10) an obvious halted transition occurs. This issue may relate to the protrusion of the implement upon the third finger during the time of error.

    • jeremy says:

      its actually just a frame jump between two different render sequences from different versions.
      Gotta keep in mind, everything that goes up in these weekly posts are just little mash ups to show what we’ve done this week.
      Everything we post on this blog is in some way a work in progress, if we only showed finished stuff the only thing going up would be the finished movie!

  13. Husam says:

    Ton I’m BEGGING you. PLEASE ask Jeremy to make a training dvd of this rig.

  14. Aaron says:

    That robot arm is great! Excellent work guys! :)

    ooh, will there be a blooper reel? ;)

  15. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    I know (or better Lucky guse) the Robot Hand is a fantasy-Matrix produkt of the Mashien minde and Human minde (mabe the Parnasus Thing)
    and it look increadelis but same of the “gagets” Distroy the look like the chainsaw and the injetion for sure they look asom but they dosen look ase they are not abel to work
    the Chainsaw will break if ther will be action
    and the Injetion will nerver meet the body caus its TO far form the arm…
    I know Critc is Easy and I think Ian got a Masterpaln but thade I will better make a coment

    But nerver than less it is a brilliant project

  16. Sylvester says:

    Awesome! Realy cool! Actually not only Blender is improving the Blender Institute as well and their movies’ quality. I hope some day I’ll read lines like this
    ‘Dragon Fruit: … and … company support us so time is here our first feature-length (animation) film…’

    Well, I hope

  17. shanzou says:

    nicely done but concept itself is childish.it would be more solid without little moving parts.to many accents.if it is required then make it rotate and expand like “you really in trouble now!!” if not purge unrequired parts.

  18. Looks like you guys are going to prove something big to the industry when you pull this off. I am looking to see how much you can do with blender on a VFX project… in fact, I will start learning it so I can get involved (if you’ll let me!)

  19. Max Hathaway says:

    Guy in the first pic, who is this 3D superstar? I recognize him from an AE-Seattle group meetup.

    Nice work all!