Production update – April 19

by - 2012/04/19 16 Comments Filming, Production

Man o man, so much coolness is happening and I can’t talk about it in detail yet :) Here’s some stuff:

  • We now have young Thom, old Thom, Celia and Barley via Kemna Casting. Each of these actors is *awesome*. I rather not reveal names before we have the paperwork done though!
  • There are two online audition submissions we’d like to invite for the film. They get a mail today. The rest hereby gets my honest thanks and *respect* for doing it!
  • New filming crew members as confirmed sofar: Assistant director, Focus Puller, Gaffer and Best Boy (light), Grips (cranes). Sound and Make-up/hair is in process. Full bios, pictures, names, etc will be posted here later.
  • After careful deliberations & testing & discussions, we decided to film the bridge scene on location after all (not in studio). Is going to be daytime now, not evening (which was terrible complex for lighting and which makes city of Amsterdam nervous because we do this in middle of red light district).
  • Flying camera shot around church will be CG. We have permission to climb in tower next week to photograph the view from tower (to make a nice 3d projection map!).
  • Last minute news; we *might* still get the former energy museum location to film some scenes. We know more tuesday!
  • Pablo Vazquez is coming over today again! He’s going to work here on a 2nd edition of famous training dvd Venom’s Lab. I’m sure he’ll lend us some hands the next months too :)
  • Tonight: all of the team going to the Dutch premiere of Iron Sky!

Picture: I found a great store in Amsterdam where they sell or lend the craziest things. Might come in handy for the props department!

  1. Matt says:

    Thought for a second that the picture of the junk shop was another VFX test. You never know on this blog…

  2. Christoph Pöhler aka Dracio says:

    This ist news :D
    as far as I am able to judge you are on the go
    Actors, Sets, CG, camera and probs in one Update this is cool

    and all on one day… amasing I junst hop you also finde a bit ti,e to slepp at last you are still in pre production :D

  3. vitos1k says:

    i’ve spotted some white hotpixels at the photo – so this picture rendered in cycles!!! :)

  4. pb says:

    Why not shoot the bridge scene day-for-night like they used to do in the old Hammer Horror movies? They would use a filter on the lens that artificially darkened the image – something that could be done in post now.

    • ian says:

      It’s not a bad idea, but could be pretty darn tricky. The real issue isn’t the brightness of the image, but the light-to-dark contrast. And since it’s in a city we’d have to put in all the window lights and streetlights, and all the resulting specular highlights/reflections, and have the light appropriately illuminating the nearby geometry with specular/bump maps- which would be more work than doing it all in CG to begin with.

  5. jachristie79 says:

    VENOM’S LAB 2!!!!!

  6. Kriss says:

    I personally cant wait to see “Iron sky” ! Lucky guys going to the premiere.. ;D

  7. Matt says:

    Man I wish I could watch Iron Sky, Canada still doesn’t have a release date :(

    • J. says:

      The Netherlands neither (yet), but it plays at a festival in Amsterdam (with English subtitles for the German dialogue).

      From what I’ve heard the USA/Canada release will be in June, but things can change of course. :P

      @Ton: It was, as always, a pleasure to meet you and the Mango guys and I’m glad you enjoyed the movie as much as I did!

    • Hubberthus says:

      Me too, in Hungary I doubt that it will be in movies at all…

  8. blendercomp says:

    lol: the bridge scene is in red light district?!

    • J. says:

      Imagine what Ian could have come up with… :P

    • Matt says:

      The Church they’ve been visiting so often (Oude Kirk -spelling?) is if fact facing a row of windows basically in the same plaza where there are often prostitutes working.

      I thought that was really bizarre when I visited Amsterdam to have a church so close to the “action” in the red light district.

  9. Wray Bowling says:

    Duuude. The Former Energy Museum looks SWEEEET. Any amount of filming in there would be like a mini live action hats-off to all the weird of Elephants Dream. I like very much. I hope you all get to use it!!

  10. shul says:

    picture looks suspicious.. are you sure its not augmented with some rendered stuff ?