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We are working with Kemna Casting for finding us the right people for roles, they’re awesome and for sure they can get us the right people. For the five older roles we will do a casting based on their portfolios, for the two young characters – Thom and Celia – they’ll organize a casting this week for us.

Chances are very high they’ll find us the awesome  actors, but we shouldn’t rule out the chance something magic happens online as well. So, here’s your chance if you want to become a movie star! Rules to participate:

0) You have to be available in Amsterdam Studios on one day, either 7-8-9-10 or 11 May.
1) Pick a character from below’s list
2) Record yourself acting out at least the lines of text, upload it to YouTube/Vimeo as Creative Commons
3) Paste here the link to the video
4) We pay in eternal fame; lots of fun and a great movie credit.

All that and the bees knees*. The wisdom of age is yet to tell him that he’s an idiot youth. All the cool kids are becoming astronauts, and Thom’s gonna ride that spacewave. 

– 18-21 year, male
– typical “a bit stupid” teenager
– confident, thinks he’s cool
dialog lines

Who needs boys when you have a penchant for advanced neuroprosthetics? Celia is serious, aloof, and would never ever ever use her knowledge of robotics for evil after a stupid breakup**.

– 18-21 year, female
– typical “a bit stupid” teenager too
– serious, cute with an air of potential danger and evil
dialog lines


The bees have their knees back. The wisdom of age has told him there is no ‘wisdom of age’. He’s been there, surfed that, and come back home a tired man. He’s been thrust center stage once more, though, as part of the SEFTRI’s*** last salvation attempt. 

– 50-60 years old, male
– former astronaut, sophisticated
– agile
dialog lines

Tech Head has the best job ever- assuming the robots don’t get through the dome. He designed this system from the ground up, and he can destroy it! Except that everyone would yell at him. He hates it when people yell at him. Please- no more yelling. 

– 20-30 years, male or female
– nerdy, not a typical warrior
dialog lines

Ripped from his high school dreams of directing rock operas, most of Captain’s life has been spent in the strict ranks of the SEFTRI. Now, with all of his superiors dead (or something like it), he’s leading this group of the best and the brightest the remaining world has to offer. Perhaps he can finally satiate his creative appetite with this final operation. 

– 40+ years old, male
– Big, loud, expressive, director role
– Character clashes with Thom
dialog lines

Is Barley happy? Is he sad? Does he have the inscrutible chisled titanium face of an enigmatic warrior?**** The only thing anyone knows is that he’s a good guy to have by your side when the robots decide to attack.

-20-30 years, male
– cool warrior, athletic
dialog lines

What’s a girl named Ghengis to do? Join up with the SEFTRI as soon as possible. So the military’s been defunct for years, and they haven’t heard from the outside world in 6 months, but dammit, someone’s got to maintain a sense of propriety in this operation.

– any age, female
– assistant director
– typecast: angry asian girl (can be anything though :)
dialog lines


*He has a whole jar of them back home. Very hard to collect.
**Spoiler: Never ever ever! That would be insane… 

***Save Earth from the Robots Initiative
****Uh huh. And a bucket of grenades.

  1. ndundupan says:

    Interested, but i can’t :lol

  2. Joeri says:

    Well, The captain, that’s me. Lol. Pitty I can’t act.

  3. Mihail says:

    Need a Thom with a Russian accent? :D

  4. Melonhead says:

    Nathan Vegdahl should be Captain !

  5. Richard says:

    Why does the artwork for Old Thom scream Christopher Lee?
    Can we get him? :)

  6. Andrey says:

    I’m 20 and I look like a 16-18 y.o. teen, and I would be happy to participate, but… Damn! It all starts right before the UEFA championship, during the time of preparations and set ups… I will have job to do and I’m leaving for Ukraine till July…

    Oh, God, why are you so cruel?

  7. Giovanni Lanfiuti says:

    I want Andrew Price on Mango!

  8. Kip says:

    When’s the deadline?

  9. thelowlander says:

    You guys better treat the name Genghis with respect. It’s pretty obvious where the inspiration came from, and the great khan happens to be someone who has accomplished things in his life that very few, if ANYONE has ever done or will do for quite some time, which still influence the world to this very day. His name is pronounced “Chingis” by the way, like tsjin-gis (“g” like “k”). There is debate as to where his name came from, (his own name was Temujin), but one of the beliefs is that the name was invented FOR him… Why not just pick any other name, and avoid this potential insult and/or blasphemy trap?
    I know I’d lose a lot of respect for this team if they use the name poorly (the previous movies were not exactly subtle about certain things either, and this dutch attitude we seem to have about “it’s just a movie/story” is rather shortsighted and embarrassing tbh), and he/his lineage still has a LOT of followers and believers over the world.

    • ian says:

      The name is never actually said in the film.

    • Psy-Fi says:

      By the gods, I thought nationalism was a strictly western cultural thing. There are neo-Genghis-es too?

      It’s ‘short-sighted’? Your view is certainly long-sighted but in the wrong direction :D.

      Thank the gods I am not like that, the way most holywood movies have depicted Greek history I would have nuked them :).

      Dutch people beware…:p

  10. I think i will have enough hairs till May :)

    1. Nearly Perfect :

    2. First Test (Nearly Funny) :

  11. Matt says:

    I think thelowlander should audition for the part of “Chingis” and lend some credo to this flick ;-)

    • Jeroen Mank says:

      I see some problems there. The role asks for a girl/woman. And according to his website the lowlander is a guy.

  12. alwadhani says:

    this is cool, i would just suggest one thing in regards to actors, it would be nice to have a verity of ethnics from different backgrounds of even faith. Like an African and or an Asian (guy or girl) a Muslim or Jew or Buddhist (guy or girl), you know something that reflect and show the verity of people who’s in earth (if they are on earth?!!) ;)
    good luck to every one

    • suonik says:

      Yes! And a couple of Flying Spaghetti Monster believers!

    • Manuel says:

      Different ethnicities yes please, but i’d prefer to leave religion completely out of it.

    • Martin says:

      And maybe with different accents, so it sounds like an international group, not a bunch of dutch people who have no valid reason to be speaking english.

      • Jeroen Mank says:

        Whoa! The dutch no valid reason to speak english? Think again and do a bit of googling about the place of the Netherlands in the world economy. Tip: the Netherlands is one of the six founding countries of the European Coal and Steel Community, the forerunner of the present day European Union.
        Tip 2: Rotterdam is the largest port of Europe and the third largest in the world. It is the gateway to europe.

        • Martin says:

          In the context of this movie of course, not in general! Jeez.
          If they’re all dutch, why would they speak English amongst each other?

          • Hubberthus says:

            Because it’s a movie?

          • Jeroen Mank says:

            Because it’s a movie that’s aiming at a world wide audience, free for download for everyone withe an internet connection?

          • J. says:

            At many Dutch companies English is the main language. Just throw in a foreigner and it makes perfect sense if people are communicating at- and about their work.

            What you shouldn’t do is giving people who’re obviously Dutch an English surname.

      • ian says:

        I figured we’d film the whole thing in Russian!

        • Jeroen Mank says:

          That would be cool. I love the sound of russian. Can’t understand it but I bet there’ll be people who can make english/dutch/german/whatever subtitles.

  13. David Mulder says:

    Awesome! I am so going to give this a go :D And convince a few more skilled friends to give it a go as well o.O

    Oh and, please don’t force yourself as far as @alwadhani’s point goes, but stay true to the characters (not saying it’s a bad thing, but a lot of stories are ruined by forcefully casting ethnically diverse characters).

    • alwadhani says:

      my point was to make this movie look as it’s a united people with all their (diffrences) fighting for their earth or planet or country etc, also Netherlands is a very diverse country where many diffrent people of diffternt backgrounds and belives live there (FACT).
      anyway its something very much missing in hollywood and i wanted to pointed it out. Thanx and love you all

  14. David Mulder says:

    Awesome! I am so going to give this a go :D And convince a few more skilled friends to give it a go as well o.O

    Oh and, please don’t force yourself as far as @alwadhani’s point goes, but stay true to the characters (not saying it’s a bad thing, but a lot of stories are ruined by forcefully casting ethnically diverse characters).

  15. andi says:

    I really hope u get some good convincing actors.
    I think the actors are very very important for this movie.
    Amateur actors could make the movie look really say amateur (not to say trashy).
    While good actors could make the movie even cooler.
    For any young professional actor this could be a very good opportunity because many people will see the movie because its cc licensed. It should be possible to find some good actors I hope.
    Please please invest time and if necessary money to find the right.

  16. Jeroen Mank says:

    I don’t know wether I can act or not. I do know that the camera hates me. The safest place for me is behind one.

  17. roofoo says:

    Captain looks like a Nick Fury clone. :P

  18. Aneyevuproduction says:

    ton should make a cameo

  19. mookie says:

    If there are no actors, Cycles is still in non-production phase, there’s no experienced crew… why making an actor-movie anyway? I’m really worried about the final result already, even the story is not that convincing (I have a feeling I’ve seen it all already before, e.g. the idea of the sniper at the top of the tower is copied from Mass Effect 3; 3D society is crazy about such things…)

    • Hubberthus says:

      Snipers are always at the top of something, Mass Effect 3 copied that from the military. :)

      Man, if they would worry like you nothing would be done ever. Relax, it will be cool! ;)

    • ian says:

      Do the people in CG!? But that would be ripping off The Incredibles!

  20. SpeedyRemi says:
    By the way:
    available on 8th May at Amsterdam

  21. 3pointedit says:

    Would be neat if there were monitors on the set (virtual of course), where community members/contributors could send in web cam performance of simulated remote feeds. Like footage from military consoles watching operators reporting in etc.

  22. HaJotCe says:

    My casting video for Thom:
    I would be available on the 11th of May.

  23. Andrey says:

    Hey guys! Here’s my attempt to be Barley :)

    Haha, hope you like it ;)

  24. Daan says:

    Thought I’d also give it a go :) I did Barley (just because you can’t beat a sniper and grenades) Hope you like it!

    • ton says:

      Great! Keep that haircut, fits perfect :)

      • Daan says:

        Haha, thanks, I will ;) Since everyone seems to add this: I would be available pretty much all of those days ^^ Upside of living in the Netherlands and being a student i gues ;)

  25. Gavin says:

    Here is my tryout. Sorry; it’s a little longer. I hope it’s at least slightly entertaining.

    A note to the Mango team: I am very conservative. What that means is that I only like squeaky clean movies. If Mango has any material such as the following:

    Foul language
    Sexual innuendos (or anything similar)
    Graphic violence
    Alcohol and Tobacco Use (small amounts tolerable, as long as the character I play doesn’t use them at all)
    Sensual and or nude content
    Anything else that is similar

    Then I cannot accept a role.
    However, even if there is material like that written in the script, I would highly recommend that it gets changed. A clean, PG or G-rated movie will have a wider audience than movies with other ratings. (For example, I won’t watch Sintel again because of the blood. I didn’t know that it had blood when I watched it.) Also, clean movies are more likely to be allowed in institutions such as schools. If the Mango Project is clean, then it is quite possible that it would be studied in universities, which would give Blender a lot of good publicity.
    And in the off chance that I am actually given a part, it would not be fun to turn down a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because I would be asked to do things outside my moral code. That said, I would turn it down.
    Besides, you can still make a “maximum impact” movie clean. Think of the first Chronicles of Narnia, or any other movie like that.
    Sorry that this was posted on Sunday; that is the only thing I did, actually. I filmed and edited on Saturday, but I had to let it upload to youtube overnight (my connection is not very good). I normally don’t like to do work on Sunday, but I am only posting, so I guess I’ll let this one slide.

    • ton says:

      Man that’s extreme acting, almost scary :) Thanks!
      (We aim at allowing an audience of 13 year and older to be able to watch it. Cultural differences might think different on acceptance of details though… in that case I use good old common sense)

      • Gavin Howard says:

        Perhaps it was extreme acting, but that’s drama! I hope that it was entertaining, at least. Good luck!

  26. Bryan says:

    I am applying for the role of young Thom.

    I’ll get to Amsterdam on time if you choose me.
    My name is Bryan Thompson, I live in Canada.

  27. Nabil Stendardo says:

    Concerning accents, IMHO it is fine if any actor has a standard English accent instead of a Dutch accent (just like Daniel Craig did not have a Swedish accent in Millennium: the girl with the dragon tattoo), however please make sure the actors playing Young Thom and Old Thom have (or can put on) roughly the same accent (this seems obvious but can be easily overlooked).

  28. Martin says:

    Hey I am Martin from Austria and I audition for:

    I hope you still consider my video because I was busy last week. I am a blender user since 6 years and followed all the open movies and preordered the Mango DVD, so I would be very proud to help in person :D

  29. Roy Schulz says:

    Here is my application video for Barley or Tech-Head. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it earlier and I hope it is not too late. It was not easy because of the missing context but at least it should be sufficient for a good laugh ;)

  30. thelowlander says:

    I’m gonna give it a go as well :P
    Here’s mine:

    I’m from the Netherlands, and I’m going on a journey soon, but if I can somehow get this role, I’ll wait for a little bit so I’ll be available.
    My vote goes to my buddy Andrey for Barley, would be awesome to be in the same movie :)

  31. Aaron says:

    Mark shuttleworth as the captain!(lol)