Farm renders

by - 2012/07/26 16 Comments Artwork

Everyone’s busy… we’re on target to be finished end of August. That’s a mere 5 weeks! Doing interesting blog posts in crunch time is a too demanding; so I’ll just be slamming some stuff online to feed your curiosity :)

Here’s images I copied the past day from our renderfarm UI. It’s all WIP and tests!

  1. Bred says:

    Okay thank you! That’s all I wanted :D
    Especially the last render looks nice ^^

  2. I am very much looking forward to see all those renders in movement.

  3. guest says:

    Just a little to satisfy my curiosity is all I needed.

  4. Guido says:

    Great looking holographic computer-displays!

  5. J. says:

    Looks great! But please make sure that the CG elements match the camera noise.

    Good luck and happy crunch time!

  6. horace says:

    i am not up to date on this. what renderer do you use? cycles? or blender internal?

    is cycles production ready now?

    • ton says:


      • andy says:

        production ready: aaaaalmost. :)
        We use Cycles for environments and Blender Internal for mattes, atmospherics and holograms (everything that should render fast)


        • TFS says:

          I know the cycles guru is busy, but is there any likelihood of re-writing the internal renderer using Opencl, or following some of the principles of the Cycles renderer (like node based materials)?

          • InternallyRendered says:

            +1 :)

            really love Blender Internal, would be awesome to see it be improved in the future.

          • Manuel says:

            I see the uses of the Internal too, definetly.
            For a lot of stylized work there is no need to wait for Cycles to finish 500 passes for each frame. It doesnt always need to be realistic.
            I fear though that developing on the Internal will stop rather soon. =/

  7. kirado says:

    wow, can’t wait to see the final. Graphics are looking great.

  8. zomby says:

    I was frightened, that mango project is canceled (because of rare blog updates).

  9. David says:

    gogo mango!! keep it up!

  10. Wray Bowling says:

    :O What a cool interface designa and color scheme. Whoever thought to wrap the monitors in hologram thingies deserves a hundred high fives. It’s a believable kitsch touch that I absolutely love. Sci-fi always works best when you can believe that something is there for a reason, and I can imagine up all sorts of reasons why those would be there. That’s what makes science fiction fun to watch. Bravo. Very good.

  11. shashank singh says:

    +1 @Wray Bowling , love the renders :).