Vanja Rukavina visit

by - 2012/09/07 8 Comments Production

The young star playing Thom – Vanja Rukavina – was away last week on a film shoot, so he could not attend our pre-premiere event. Today he dropped by to catch up with us, and  to get amazed by the work we’ve done sofar. He totally loved it! :)

We then took time to show making-of shots. That was amazing for me too. Illustrating how to get from a final shot  to the clumsy original shots… so impressive to clearly see what an amazing job everyone’s been doing here in the past months! All of that goes online soon, promised!


  1. Angbor3d says:

    Haha somone is trying to mess with our minds, watch the Brave-Movieposter in the Mirror, and watch Tons Shirt. :)

  2. Blendiac says:

    Congratulations for all your hard work.

    It’s clear that the BI is learning and getting more and more professional with every production. This bodes well for Project Gooseberry, which sounds like it will be the biggest adventure yet!

    Ton, you continue to impress with your combination of vision and pragmatism. Congratulations to all of the artists involved in pushing the envelope of what can be made in open source, open culture film making. You’ve given us all something to be proud to support.

    I can’t wait to see the final result!

  3. Milad Thaha says:

    You should’ve posted some photos of Vanja ‘Oohing’ and ‘Aahing’ xD

  4. captainkirk says:

    Will there be any interviews with the actors in the documentary?

  5. Payton Hubbard says:

    Will there be extensive tutorials/breakdowns of some of the shots so we can learn some of your workflows and such?

  6. Marcelo says:

    Congratulations for all! ;)