Pre-premiere & party!

by - 2012/08/29 16 Comments Production

Hi all,

The day after – hangover day for the people with bad habits (like me). It’s been a blast! The film screening was great – last minute grading was surprisingly good, even while watching it on a regular projector (the DCP failed). We had a wonderful participative audience, laughing and cheering for us. Can’t have it better! After the film we had a load of fun with the film team, the actors, the blenderheads & fans, and of course the entire Mango crew! Oh, and I only had 1 complaint about the script sofar! We’re improving :)

I’ve had so much fun that I only took very few pictures… during dinner and at 2 AM when I left a nightclub. (Excuse me; I had to be up early to bring Roman to the airport! We’ll post more impressions of the premiere here soon.

(Image1:During dinner, Ian with his cool tee, Scott and Joram in back. Image2: Sebastian and Heike on the dance floor. Image3: Ian, Scott, Sebastian, Heike… Nicolo + gf should be hiding somewhere too. :)


  1. Luciano says:

    Awesomee guys!, you’ve done some great work!, congratuletions!

  2. Mirata says:

    Had a great time at the premiere; Loved the movie, it looked beautiful! :D Also pretty funny :P

  3. ton says:

    Best summary I heard: “Robots, Bangs & Heartbreak”.

  4. shul says:

    so, where is the link ? :)

  5. Olaf says:

    I was there! I even spoke to Campell and Brecht and exchanged a few words with Ton too. The movie was impressive and I was really struck by the quality of the keying and the 4K rendering. I also spoke with Ton’s niece, who did the makeup and is quite handsome ;)

    Maybe I’m mistaken but I didn’t see the actress who played Cilia during the premiere. All the other ones, including Derek de Lint, were present as far as I could tell.

    Saw Ian Hubert too, but didn’t recognize him at first because of his haircut. Didn’t have time to speak to him, though.

    I was really glad to be there and meet all the people who make Blender possible.

    • PhysicsGuy says:

      If I remember correctly, Ton said that she was out of the country or something like that.

      • ton says:

        Denise (Celia) was in USA, Vanja (Thom) filming on location… but four of our star actors showed up though, very cool.

  6. PhysicsGuy says:

    Hi Ton,

    good to see that you guys had a great time at the party. We left already around 22:30, but we had a great time at the pre-premiere. You’re not only a good producer, but also a very good host!

  7. Samuel says:

    When do we get to see it? :)

    • ton says:

      Give us 4 weeks to wrap the entire project up. Work now goes to docs, tutos, cleanup of data and presenting it well for the DVD box set.

  8. 3dementia says:

    Congratulations Guys! Its a massive milestone for Blender. Just can;t wait to see what you have wrought. I am sure the suspense is killing us all. :-)

  9. Andy says:

    Congrats guys – it’s a huge project and you should all be proud. Cant wait to see it! And also see the upcoming tutorials!



  11. M├Ągi says:

    Whoa! Ian’s haircut!

    Thanks for posting the images and the update, Ton.