Quadsplit preview

by - 2012/09/19 20 Comments Production

This is a preview of a quadsplit version (storyboard, animatic, footage, final version) of the whole short film that will be available on the Tears of Steel DVD. Enjoy!

  1. JulianHzg says:

    Amazing, can’t wait to see this.

    What’s the reason for the blocked out text elements in the footage-corner?

  2. Lace says:

    Any chance of an edit without the bad language? I suppose I could always create it myself after the release. I use all of the Blender movies to encourage interest in art and technology when speaking to junior high school classes.

    I’m so EXCITED for the release! You guys rock.

    • S J Bennett says:

      “Dick” isn’t suitable for junior high? We got shown movies at school with harsher language than that in primary school over here. But then that’s Australia for you. :)

      • Lace says:

        Meh, it’s an arguable point. But when I imagine being on the wrong side of an angry parent (rational or otherwise), you can’t blame me for wanting to err on the side of caution.

        The stuff most kids watch on television here in the states has got plenty of that stuff for them, though, and their parents don’t always have much of a problem with it. But I digress. ;)

        • Watching slaughtered people on TV (fiction) is OK, but even a minor profanity or a tit is not. Weird society.

          • Carol says:

            I just went to the dictionary to look up the word dick and there are some very appropriate definitions which fit the content. For instance, the slang dictionary said, “A stupid person, usually a male”. Sounds fitting here (but still definitely not in my vocabulary). I can see a teacher or parent wanting to edit that out.

          • LswaN says:

            Haha, good point, but I think the difference is that the “slaughtered people” are fake (or acting), whereas profanity and tits are generally the real thing. People just find it more offensive when someone actually does a taboo thing than when they pretend to do it.

        • ton says:

          For all our open movie projects I’ve asked the writer/director to make sure to keep it suitable for 12 years and older. The bottom line we choose then is “Would you show this to a class of 12-13 year old kids?”. My answer is “Yes, definitely”. There’s no people being hurt, no blood or gore, there’s no abuse or nudity, and it’s all brought with youthful sense of humor.

          Of course I understand there are communities that prefer to raise children much more protected. But that’s a choice people make for themselves, with consequences for which they need to take own responsibility. For example by only showing our films to 16+ year olds.

  3. joostbouwer says:

    Ha! That’s what we dutch people call: U roept wij draaien! Just asked for an update and two hours later there 2 great updates! Really looking forward to the premiere.

    Good luck guys and congratulations with the hollywood premiere!


  4. 3dementia says:

    Looks amazing guys. Counting the days now. This is the best part of the open movies, seeing the process. Looks like the animatic was less detailed this time, everything is different working with live characters.

  5. Teddl says:

    Nice! Looking great! O_o
    I always forget that colors are not so bright, not so colorish perceived when you have daylights. The brain tricks us, maybe because we are so used to indoor lights.

    Great job so far everybody!
    Good luck!

  6. MD says:


    Bad language? Are you aware that people who speak English in other countries than the US, Great Britain etc. speak with an accent?
    So, if people in a future Amsterdam would speak English (which is quite realistic, I guess lots of people speak English there today already) then the language is not “bad”, it’s actually pretty authentic.

    Why would they speak perfect accent-free British or American English in a future Amsterdam?

    • Ian says:

      Haha, he’s talking about the word ‘dick’, which I’ve always felt was pretty benign myself, but to each his own! And as he points out, anyone is free to make a dick-free edit.

      • stephen says:

        “Tears of Steel – The Neutered Cut”

      • Lace says:

        Yep, that’s the idea, apologies for not being more clear. The language barely bothers me, but I can’t say the same for the administrators, or the parents for that matter. Worst case, I’ll run my own edit, shouldn’t be too much hassle, and it’ll give me a reason to jump right into the source files.

        As for the choice of words, “dick” is probably one of my least favorites, thought I couldn’t begin to tell you why. If he had called himself an ass I probably wouldn’t have even noticed! :)

        @Stephen. Well put.

  7. johnsmith says:

    he means the profanity

  8. Carsten says:

    Why dont you admit youre just freaked out by this D-word

  9. sortvik says:

    I kinda liked the color scheme on the left video. And why did you chose pink for letters they’re unreadable.

  10. MD says:

    Ok, sorry Lace, I totally misunderstood your comment.

    I past threads people were complaining about the accent of the actors and I thought Lace was doing the same, so I thought I should express my point of view.

    But – I stand corrected, I just missed your point. Sorry!

  11. J. says:


    Btw, the shot at around 00:07 of the offline cut (left) is out of sync with the final version (right).
    Hopefully you can fix this before printing the DVDs.