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by - 2012/09/21 34 Comments Production

Download here a half-res one (1350×2000 pixels – 5MB .png). The full size .svg with clean background render will be in the DVD box for our fans!

Tears of Steel

  1. xboong says:

    WOW!!! Very impressiv!

  2. Duncan says:

    Looks amazing. Very excited about the 26th now AND the DVD extras.

  3. S J Bennett says:


  4. Todd McIntosh says:

    Are those Wall-e’s eyes on the left? haha…

  5. Psy-Fi says:

    Great artwork but the phallic symbolism is evident…almost expected the two side fingers to be curled. :p

    • joe says:

      I don’t know about you, but for me this looks like a giant hand sticking out of a pile of dead robots?

      • Big Fan says:

        Hehe…I guess you see what you look for.

        Very nice poster. Who made that?

      • Psy-Fi says:

        Well, that’s why I said ‘symbolism’. Destruction is stereotyped as a male attribute so I think it emphasises the message very well and I really don’t find it offensive at all. But really it’s so evident that I had to make a smarty remark above.

  6. Wray Bowling says:


  7. Armando says:

    Hollywood…. here we come.

  8. I especially like the touch with the bandaids covering the robot arm’s booboos.

  9. blendercomp says:

    Truly love it but:
    #1. I’d have chosen a different composition for the element in the foreground (robot arm). As it stands it is along the vertical line the the resulting composition is not very pleasing IMHO
    #2. unless that’s light being emitted by the robot arm parts (hard to say if it is really), the saturation of color orange looks a bit off to my eyes, compared to the saturation of the rest of the elements in the shot/scene. It looks as if it is extremely saturated but you wouldn’t expect that kind of saturation in sunrise/sunset. I dunno, maybe I’m missing the point.

    Btw I’m wondering if this is an actual frame from the movie or if you have assembled it for the poster.

    keep up the great work folks! :)

    • blendercomp says:

      How about rotating the arm a bit more, say from the top left (robot arm finger tips) to the bottom right (robot robot arm wrist)? I wonder how that would affect the composition.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I thought, that Google’s logo (as a premium sponsor) as well as Cinegrid’s one should be on the poster, no?

    • ton says:

      Cinegrid’s money is coming from the EU, they demand the flag logo. One logo per sponsor is enough :)
      According to the sponsor prospectus, only ‘project partner’ status gives a logo at the poster. That’s what we did.

  11. Guido says:

    What a great film-poster! Absolutely fanstastic guys!

  12. David Jordan says:

    Would you guys consider perhaps doing a poster pack with each of the Open Movies’ posters. That would be really cool to have a set, I think and also save on shipping if they were in the same tube.

    • ton says:

      Posters of BBB and Sintel only sold a dozen or so, shipping it in a tube is totally expensive… not an attractive product to buy.

      More friendly is to give out the 27×40″ pdf and have people print it at their local printing services.

      That for sure we’ll do!

      • David Jordan says:

        I just went to my DVD copy of Sintel and found that the poster with the title text and all is really low resolution. Would it be possible to upload the full resolution poster images for the previous films too? I’ve got blank white walls in my apartment right now.

  13. MxD says:

    Congratulations ! A very strong – and very recognizable – film poster ! Ian did it again ! :-)

  14. Sophie says:

    Hollywood quality poster

  15. Emu says:

    First impression: Cool!
    But — is that really the Moon in the background? All the objects there seem to be randomly out of scale…

  16. Stephen says:

    This poster could possibly be a bit more awesome… Maybe if it were in space…

  17. blender fans says:

    wow, this is great,
    i think this film will be great as like as transformer 3 (sorry my bad english)

    3 days remaining its too long now (for me)

  18. wulan_kz says:

    Nice Work !

  19. Jack says:

    Doubt! in which DVD is the poster in .sgv??