Tears of Steel costumes exhibit

by - 2012/09/12 8 Comments Artwork

The renowned Gallery of Contemporary Art W139 has invited fashion and costume designer Pablo Londono Sarria to exhibit his work for Tears of Steel. He will show his costumes, movie frame prints, and a collection of the props for the film.

The gallery is located very close to the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam – the location where our film takes place – in the middle of the Red Light district! Title of the exhibit is “Warriors at the Edge of Time”. The exhibit opens friday 14 September at 1600h.


edit: updated with some pics from the actual exhibition!

  1. Ian Hubert says:

    Oh man. This is so great!

  2. Nathan L. says:

    The costumes and props look awesome. And what a cool announcement. But something else excites me quite a bit right now. I can finally see the full Tears of steel page on my iPhone! Before it would be zoomed in really close and barely usable. So for who ever fixed this, Thanks!

    Can’t wait to see the movie

  3. Ammusionist says:

    That rifle looks brilliant – with just a hint of Nerf familiarity. Is that a major collision between a Longstrike, black paint and gaffer tape?

  4. Le@ndro says:

    SO MANY DETAILS! Amazing work Pablo!!! Loved the “Mango” juice on the pocket.

  5. Jitender says:

    It great to see that blueprint in img 0059 .Eagerly waiting for 26 sept.

  6. Awesome. Love the Hawkwind/Moorcock reference in the name of the exhibition. :)